The Vishnu Purana (abridged)

27,616 words

The Vishnu Purana (Viṣṇu Purāṇa) is a religious Hindu text and one of the (most important) eighteen Mahapuranas. It is also known as Puranaratna ("gem of Puranas"). Presented as a dialogue between Parashara and his disciple Maitreya, the major topics discussed include creation, stories of battles fought between asuras and devas, the Avat...

Shamba’s Wedding

Krishna’ son Shamba wanted to marry Duryodhana’s daughter. He kidnapped her. But Karna, Duryodhana, Bhishma, Drona and other warriors fought with Shamba and managed to imprison him. On learning the news, the Yadavas got ready to fight with the Kauravas.

But Balarama restrained the Yadavas. “Leave it to me,” he said. “Let me go alone. The Kauravas will listen to me and will let Shamba go.” Balarama went to Hastinapura but did not enter the city. Duryodhana and the others learnt of this and came to pay thier respects. Balarama then told them that King Ugrasena had requested that Shamba might be released.

But this request made the Kauravas angry. “Balarama, what are you saying?” they asked. “How dare the Yadavas order the Kauravas?” This is a bit like a servant ordering a master.

Refusing to release Shamba, the Kauravas returned to Hastinapura. This angered Balarama. He grasped the foundations of Hastinapura city with his plough and prepared to hurl the city into the Bhagirathi river. This brought the Kauravas to their senses and they begged for forgiveness.

Shamba and his wife were brought to Balarama and he forgave the

Kauravas. Ever since tha tday, Hastinapura leans towards the river on one side.

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