The Skanda Purana

by G. V. Tagare | 1950 | 2,545,880 words

This page describes Eminence of Udalakeshvara (Udalaka-ishvara) which is chapter 42 of the English translation of the Skanda Purana, the largest of the eighteen Mahapuranas, preserving the ancient Indian society and Hindu traditions in an encyclopedic format, detailling on topics such as dharma (virtous lifestyle), cosmogony (creation of the universe), mythology (itihasa), genealogy (vamsha) etc. This is the forty-second chapter of the Arbuda-khanda of the Prabhasa Khanda of the Skanda Purana.

Chapter 42 - Eminence of Udālakeśvara (Udālaka-īśvara)

Pulastya said:

1. Then the best of kings, visit the place of worshipable Liṅga of Śiva which takes away all sins. It is popularly heard to have been founded by the Sage Udālaka.

2. A mere touch of this (i.e., the worshipable Liṅga) or a look of this or the worship of it specially relieves man of all diseases and makes him entitled to happiness as a house-holder.

3. Becoming free of all sins, one attains the greatness of the world of Śiva.

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