by Manmatha Nath Dutt | 1891 | ISBN-13: 9788171101566

This page describes Chapter LVI of the English translation of the Ramayana, one of the largest Sanskrit epics of ancient India revolving around the characters Rama, Sita and Ravana. It was orignally authored by Valmiki at least over 2500 years ago. This is the first book of the Bāla-kāṇḍa (Bala-kanda) of the Ramayana, which consists of 24,000 Sanskrit metrical verses divided oer seven books.

Thus addressed by Vasiṣṭha, the mighty Viśvāmitra, aiming a fiery weapon, said, ‘Stay! Stay!’

The worshipful Vasiṣṭha also on his part, raising a Brahmā staff resembling another staff of Kāla, exclaimed in wrath.

Wretch of a Kṣatriya! here am I, do you display the might you are master of. To-day, O Gādhi’s son, will I humble your pride of arms.

You disgrace of the race, where is your Kṣatriya might, and where my high Brahmā energy? Do you behold my superhuman Brahmā energy.

And even as water ally the fierceness of a flame, the Brahmā staff quenched the energy of the powerful fiery weapon discharged by Gādhi’s Son.

Then Gādhi’s son, waxing wroth, discharged Vāruṇa and Raudra and Aindra and Pāśupata and Aiṣika weapons.

Mānava, and Mohana, and Gandharva, and Svapna, and Jṛmbhaṇa, and Mohana, and Santāpana, and Vilāpana, and Śoṣaṇa, and Dāruṇa, and Vajra hard to baffle, and Brahmapāśa, and Kālapāśa, and Varuṇapāśa, and Pināka (favourite of Śiva), and the two Aśanis, wet and dry, and the Daṇḍa weapon, and Paiśāca, and the Krauñca weapon, and Dharmacakra, and Kālacakra, and Viṣṇucakra, and Vāyavya, and Mohana, and the Hayaśiras weapon, and the mighty weapon Vidyādhara, and the terrible Kala weapon, and the dreadful Triśūla weapon, and Kapāla, and Kaṅkaṇa, all these weapons hurled he (Viśvāmitra), at that best of mantra-reciting ones, O descendant of Raghu. And it was wonderful to behold. But Brahma’s son baffled all those by means of his staff.

And on those (weapons) being resisted, the son of Gadhi hurled a Brahmā weapon. And on that weapon being discharged the deities with Agni at their head, and the Devarṣis, and the Gandharvas, and the mighty Serpents, became afflicted with fear. And on that Brahmā weapon being discharged, all the three worlds became exceedingly alarmed.

O Raghu’s descendant, Vasiṣṭha by virtue of his Brahmā energy completely baffled that terrible Brahmā weapon.

When the high-souled Vasiṣṭha had baffled the Brahmā weapon, his form the three worlds.

And from the pores of his body, resembling a smoking flame, darted out scintillation’s of fire.

And resembling another staff of Yama, the Brahmā staff raised by Vasiṣṭha’s arm flamed like to the fire at the universal dissolution.

Then the ascetics in a body fell to eulogizing that best of mantra-reciting ones, Vasiṣṭha, saying, ‘Your might, O Brāhmaṇa, is infallible. Do you rein in the (Brahmā) energy, by your own.’

O Brāhmaṇa, Viśvāmitra of mighty strength has been subdued by you. Infallible is your extraordinary mighty. Let the creatures now be relieved from their distress.’

Thus addressed, that highly energetic one of rigid austerities, became pacified.

And Viśvāmitra, being put down, heaving a sigh said, ‘Fie upon the Kṣatriya might: the strength begot of Brahma energy, is might indeed. By one Brahmā staff has all my weapons been put to the rout.

Beholding this, I with a. placid mind and senses will engage in mighty austerities, which shall earn for me Brāhmaṇa-hood.

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