The Ramayana

by Manmatha Nath Dutt | 1891 | ISBN-13: 9788171101566

This page describes Chapter XLIX of the English translation of the Ramayana, one of the largest Sanskrit epics of ancient India revolving around the characters Rama, Sita and Ravana. It was orignally authored by Valmiki at least over 2500 years ago. This is the first book of the Bāla-kāṇḍa (Bala-kanda) of the Ramayana, which consists of 24,000 Sanskrit metrical verses divided oer seven books.

And having been deprived of his scrotum, Śakra with eyes tremulous with fear, addressed the celestials with Agni at their head, as well as he Siddhas and the Gandharvas and the Cāraṇas, saying,

I have accomplished the work of the celestials by stirring the ire of the high-souled Gautama, and thereby disturbing his austerities.

And in doing so, I have been deprived of my scrotum; and Ahalyā also has been put down. And I have deprived him of his ascetic energy by causing him to utter a mighty curse.

And, therefore, you celestials, and saints, and Cāraṇas, you should restore my scrotum to me who have served the gods.’

Hearing Śatakratu’s (performer of an hundred sacrifices, one of the appellations of Indra). The manes of ancestors, words, the deities along with the Maruts led by Agni, presented themselves before the divine Pitṛs. And then Agni addressed the latter, saying.

This ram is possessed of a scrotum; while Śakra has been deprived of his. Do you taking the scrotum of the ram furnish Śakra with it.

And although deprived of the scrotum, the ram will be able to grant consummate satisfaction to you. And on those that will offer such a ram for your entertainment, you will bestow undying and profuse merit.’

Hearing Agni’s speech, the assembled Pitṛs, rooting up the scrotum of the ram, joined it to the person of the thousand-eyed deity.

Thence forth, O Kākutstha, the divine Pitṛs together feast upon scrotumless rams, for their scrotum had been joined to the person of Indra.

Thenceforth, O Rāghava, Indra also through the high-souled Gautama’s ascetic energy, has been bearing the scrotum of a ram.

Therefore, O highly powerful one, do you enter into the hermitage of that pious one, and deliver the dignified and divinely fair Ahalyā.

On hearing Viśvāmitra’s words, Rāghava in company with Lakṣmaṇa, placing Viśvāmitra in their front, entered the asylum.

They beheld that magnificent dame flaming in ascetic energy; and incapable of being gazed at too near even by the celestials and the Asuras; as if created by the Deity to be the divinely charming Woman; like a flame hid in smoke; or the brightness of the full moon clouded and dimmed in mist; or the solar splendour incapable of being beheld of account of clouds.

And by virtue of Gautama’s word, she had been incapable of being seen by any in the three worlds, till the sight of Rāma. And now the curse having come to an end, she could be perceived by them.

The two descendants of Raghu then took hold of her feet; but remembering Gautama’s words, she on her part took hold of theirs. And with a collected mind she gave them water for their feet as well as Arghya, and extended to them the rites of hospitality.

And the Kākutstha accepted the homage thus rendered according to the ordinance. And blossoms began to shower copiously to the sounds of kettledrums; and the Gandharvas and the Apsaras began to rejoice greatly.

And exclaiming, ‘Excellent, excellent,’ the celestials honoured Ahalyā, as with as person purified by penance, she again come under Gautama’s governance.

And the highly energetic Gautama also happy on his union with Ahalyā, honoured Rāma highly, and that one of mighty mortifications then became engaged in austerities.

And having duly received signal honours from the great ascetic Gautama, Rāma set out for Mithilā.

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