The Ramayana

by Manmatha Nath Dutt | 1891 | ISBN-13: 9788171101566

This page describes Chapter XLVI of the English translation of the Ramayana, one of the largest Sanskrit epics of ancient India revolving around the characters Rama, Sita and Ravana. It was orignally authored by Valmiki at least over 2500 years ago. This is the first book of the Bāla-kāṇḍa (Bala-kanda) of the Ramayana, which consists of 24,000 Sanskrit metrical verses divided oer seven books.

On those sons of her being slain, Diti afflicted with great grief, thus addressed her husband, Marīci’s son, Kaśyapa.

O adorable one, your high-souled sons have slain mine. I now wish for a son, who, obtained through long austerities, will be able to slay Śakra.

I will engage in austerities: it behoves you to grant me such an embryo, such a slayer of Śakra it behoves you to promise me.

Hearing those words of hers, Marīcī’s son, Kaśyapa of exceeding energy answered the deeply aggrieved Diti, saying.

Be it so. Good betide you, do you become pure, O ascetic. If you remain pure, when a full thousand years shall be complete, you will give birth to a son who will slay Śakṣa in battle.

And through me, you will give birth to a son that will destroy the three worlds. Having said this, that highly energetic one rubbed her persoṅ with his palm. And having rubbed her, he said, ‘Luck!’ and then went away to carry on austerities.

When he had gone, Diti, O foremost of men, becoming exceedingly delighted, went to, Kuśaplava and began to practise rigid mortifications.

O foremost of men, as she was practising austerities, the thousand-eyed deity most dutifully ministered to her.

The thousand-eyed one provided for her fire, and Kuśa, and faggots, and water, and fruits, and roots, and other things that she wanted.

And at all times, Śakra served Diti by rubbing her person, and removing her fatigue.

When ten years only were wanting to complete the thousand years, Diti, O descendant of Raghu, being exceedingly delighted, thus spoke to the thousand-eyed one.

O best of those endowed with prowess, of me engaged in austerities, ten years only remain (to complete the period.) And after that time, good betide you, you will behold your brother.

I will, O son, bind him to you in affection, whom I had besought for to compass your destruction, so that, the fever of your heart removed, you will with him enjoy the victory of the three worlds.

On your high-souled sire having been besought by me, he, O foremost of celestials, granted me the boon that after a thousand years, I shall obtain a son.

And it came to pass that having said this, the sun being in his meridian, the worshipful Diti with her feet placed at that part of the bed which should contain her head, was overpowered by sleep.

And thereupon seeing her resting her feet at the place where she should place her head, and consequently unclean, Śakra was exceedingly delighted, and smiled.

O Rāma, Purandara entered into her womb, and that highly self-controlled one served the embryo in seven parts.

And the embryo being pierced by the thunder-bold of an hundred knots, cried at the top of its voice, and thereat Diti awoke.

‘Do not cry, do not cry,’ exclaimed Śakṣa: and even while it was crying, the mighty-minded Vāsava continued piercing it.

‘Do not slay it; do not slay it’ said Diti. Thereupon, in consideration of the honour of his mother, Śakra went out.

Then he with clasped palms accosted Diti, saying, ‘O worshipful one, you did sleep with they feet placed where your head should have lain, and hast therefore become impure. And finding this opportunity, I severed in seven pieces that would-be slayer of mine in battle. Do you, O worshipful one, excuse me.’

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