by Manmatha Nath Dutt | 1891 | ISBN-13: 9788171101566

This page describes Chapter XXIX of the English translation of the Ramayana, one of the largest Sanskrit epics of ancient India revolving around the characters Rama, Sita and Ravana. It was orignally authored by Valmiki at least over 2500 years ago. This is the first book of the Bāla-kāṇḍa (Bala-kanda) of the Ramayana, which consists of 24,000 Sanskrit metrical verses divided oer seven books.

Hearing those words of Rāma of measureless prowess, who had asked the question, the highly energetic Viśvāmitra answered, saying,

Here, O mighty-armed Rāma, Viṣṇu of mighty asceticism worshipped of all the deities, for years upon years, and hundreds of Yugas, dwelt for carrying on his austerities and Yoga. This, O Rāma, was formerly the hermitage of the high-souled Vāmana.

And this famed as Siddhāśrama, in consequence of that one of potent asceticism having attained fruition there. And it came to pass that at this time Virocana’s son, king Vālī; having vanquished the celestials with Indra and the Marats, established that dominion of his, famous in the three worlds.

And that mighty chief of the Asuras celebrated a sacrifice. And as Vālī was performing that sacrifice, the deities with Agni at their head, coming to Viṣṇu himself at this asylum, addressed him saying,

Virocana’s son, Vali, O. Viṣṇu, is celebrating a sacrifice. Do you, before the ceremony is finished, accomplish your own end.

He duly confer upon such as repair to him from various quarters all those things that they ask for. And do yourself.

O Viṣṇu, aided by your power of illusion, assuming a Dwarf form, accomplish the welfare of the gods.

In the meantime, O Rāma, the worshipful Kaśyapa resembling fire in splendour, and flaming in energy, having in company with, and with the assistance of, the divine Aditi, O Rāma, accomplished his vow, began to hymn the destroyer of Madhu ready to confer boons.

By means of warm austerities, will I behold you composed of penances, a mass of mortifications, and endowed with a form and a soul of austerities. And in your person, O lord, will I behold this entire universe. And in You without beginning, and incapable of being pointed out, do I take refuge! Thereupon exceedingly pleased, Hari spoke to Kaśyapa, with his sins purged off, saying, Do you mention the boon! Good betide you. Methinks you deserve a boon.

Hearing these words of his, Marīci’s son, Kaśyapa, said, Aditi, the gods, and I myself, crave of you this, and, O bestower of boons, it behove you well pleased to confer on us this boon, O you of excellent vows! Do you, O sinless one, become born as my son in Aditi.

O adorable deity! Do you become the younger brother of Śakra, O destroyer of Asuras. It behove you to help the celestials afflicted with grief.

And this place through your grace will attain the name of Siddhāśrama. The work, O lord of the celestials, has been accomplished.

Do you now, O you of the six attributes, ascend from hence! And accordingly Viṣṇu of mighty energy took his birth in Aditi. And assuming the form of a dwarf, he presented himself before Virocana’s son.

And then asking for as much earth as could be covered by three footsteps, that one ever engaged in the welfare of all creatures; with the object of compassing the good of all, stood occupying the worlds. And having by his power restrained Bali, that one of exceeding energy, again conferred the three worlds upon the mighty Indra, and made them subject to his control.

Formerly he used to dwell in this asylum capable of removing fatigue. And hermitage is infested by Rākṣasas disturbing rites. And, O most puissant of men, here you should slay those ones of wicked ways.

To-day, O Rāma, will I repair to this supremely excellent Siddhāśrama. And this asylum, child, is as much your as mine.

Saying this, taking Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa, the mighty ascetic, experiencing exceeding delight, entered that asylum, and appeared graceful, like the Moon emerged from mist in conjunction with the Punarvasu stars.

And beholding Viśvāmitra, the ascetics inhabiting Siddhāśrama, suddenly rising in joy, worshipped that intelligent one, and extended to the princes the rites of hospitality.

And then having reposed for a while, those unreproved princes, the descendants of Raghu, wiṃ clasped hands, addressed that foremost of ascetics.

Be you even to-day initiated to the ceremony. Good betide you, O best of ascetics! Let this Siddhāśrama verily attain fruition, and let your words be verified!

Thus addressed, that mighty saint of exceeding energy, observing vows, and with his senses under restraint, caused himself to be initiated into the ceremony. And like to the Kumāras, (Skanda and Viśākha) Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa, having passed the night pleasantly, rose in the morning; and having finished their morning worship, and with purity and self-restraint recited the prime mantras, paid their obeisance to the sacrificial fire and the sacrifices, Viśvāmitra, who was seated.

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