Ramayana of Valmiki

by Hari Prasad Shastri | 1952 | 527,382 words | ISBN-10: 9333119590 | ISBN-13: 9789333119597

This page is entitled “gadhi is the father of vishvamitra” and represents Chapter 34 of the Bala-kanda of the Ramayana (English translation by Hari Prasad Shastri). The Ramayana narrates the legend of Rama and Sita and her abduction by Ravana, the king of Lanka. It contains 24,000 verses divided into seven sections [viz., Bala-kanda].

Chapter 34 - Gadhi is the father of Vishvamitra

“O Ramaji, after the wedding of his daughters, the sinless King Kushanabha prepared to perform a sacrifice in order to obtain a son.

“At the inauguration of the sacrifice, the munificent King Kusha, son of Shri Brahma, said to Kushanabha:

‘O my Son, you will obtain a son like thyself, he should be named Gadhi, he will bring you immortal renown.’

“After some time a son was born to the wise King Kushanabha who was a lover of virtue, and his name was Gadhi. This Gadhi, O Rama, was my virtuous father and because I was born in the family of Kusha I was called Kaushika.

“I had, O Prince, an elder sister named Satyavati, who became the faithful spouse of Richika. When her lord died, she ascended to heaven and took the form of the Kaushiki river. The river is sacred and beautiful, and its waters confer merit on men. To bless the world Satyavati became the river flowing near the Himalayas.

“O Prince, through love of my sister, I dwell on the banks of the Kaushiki river near the Himalayas.

“Established in truth, faithful to her lord, that sister of mine, named Satyavati is to-day the river Kaushiki, great among streams and highly fortunate.

“O Rama, in order to perform a sacrifice, I went to the Siddha ashrama, I have now accomplished my purpose.

“O Rama, at your instance, I have told you of my family and origin; the night is far spent in listening to this tale, now rest, so that, refreshed, we may resume our journey to-morrow. Peace be with you!

“The leaves of the trees are motionless, the birds and beasts are silent and darkness covers all. How imperceptibly the evening has passed away. The sky is brilliant with stars, as if a thousand eyes gazed down on us.

“The bright moon with its cool beams, slowly rising higher and higher dispels the darkness. Nocturnal wanderers and the terrible flesh-eating yakshas prowl about here and there.”

Having uttered these words, the great Sage Vishvamitra became silent. The other munis praised him saying: “Well spoken, well spoken, O Sage.”

They said: “The dynasty of Kusha has ever practised righteousness and the kings of this line have been eminent in virtue. Of this dynasty, you, O Vishvamitra, art the most illustrious, the fame of this royal line has been enhanced by the beautiful river Kaushiki.”

Thus did the great sages praise the Rishi Vishvamitra, who then withdrew to rest, as the sun sets behind a mountain.

Shri Ramacandra and his brother Lakshmana, full of wonder also made obeisance to the holy sage and retired to sleep.

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