The Padma Purana

by N.A. Deshpande | 1951 | 1,261,945 words | ISBN-10: 8120838297 | ISBN-13: 9788120838291

This page describes prithu’s righteous rule which is chapter 124 of the English translation of the Padma Purana, one of the largest Mahapuranas, detailling ancient Indian society, traditions, geography, as well as religious pilgrimages (yatra) to sacred places (tirthas). This is the one hundred twenty-fourth chapter of the Bhumi-khanda (section on the earth) of the Padma Purana, which contains six books total consisting of at least 50,000 Sanskrit metrical verses.

Disclaimer: These are translations of Sanskrit texts and are not necessarily approved by everyone associated with the traditions connected to these texts. Consult the source and original scripture in case of doubt.

Chapter 124 - Pṛthu’s Righteous Rule

[Sanskrit text for this chapter is available]

Sūta said:

1. When Viṣṇu disappeared, that very intelligent king Vena became anxious as to where the lord of gods had gone.

2-3a. Being full of great joy and having pondered the best king having called the greatest king with sweet words, then said to that magnanimous one with great joy.

3b-6. “O son, you my son have emancipated me from a great sin in the world. O Pṛthu, now you have made bright my dynasty. I ruined it with my faults; you have illumined it with your virtues. I shall perform a horse-sacrifice and shall give many presents. Due to your graciousness I shall today bodily go to Viṣṇu’s heaven. O you best and very prosperous king, gather the necessaries (for the sacrifice). O you blessed one, invite brāhmaṇas who have mastered the Vedas.”

7. Thus was ordered Pṛthu by the noble Vena. The high-souled (Pṛthu) respectfully said to his father:

8. “O great king, rule over the kingdom; enjoy divine, human and righteous pleasures agreeable to you. Offer a sacrifice to Viṣṇu.”

9-14. Speaking thus to his father, intent on knowledge, and saluting him, the lord of the earth (i.e. Pṛthu) carefully took his bow with arrows and ordered all his soldiers: “Proclaim (my order) on the earth: No sin should be committed through the deeds of three kinds. He who, having violated the order of king Vena, will commit a sin, will be killed. There is no doubt about this. Gifts should be given; and O all men, setting your mind on him and being free from jealousy, offer sacrifices to Viṣṇu.” O brāhmaṇas, having given such an instruction Vena’s son went to a penance-grove for (practising) penance. Giving up all faults and restraining his senses from their objects, he remained without food for a hundred years.

15. Being pleased with his penance, Brahmā said to Pṛthu: “Tell me the reason for which you are practising penance.”

Pṛthu said:

16-20. My father Vena is very intelligent and glorious. Let Viṣṇu (himself) cut off the head of that person who in Vena’s kingdom commits a sin. Let Hari himself punish him with his invisible disc. Let the heads of those who desire to commit sins mentally, through (physical) deeds or words, be snapped like a ripe fruit from a tree. Let Hari himself punish him with his invisible great disc. Listen, O lord of gods. I desire this boon only from you. If you, O lord of gods, desire to grant a boon, then do that by which my father is not stained by the sins of his subjects. O you four-faced (Brahma), give (i.e. satisfy this) best desire; my salutation to you.

Brahmā said:

21-26. Let it be so, O glorious one; your father is absolved. He is guided by Viṣṇu and by you, his son, O Pṛthu.

Having thus told (i.e. given a boon to) Pṛthu, the lord left. Pṛthu came back and became (engaged) in royal duties. O best brāhmaṇas, nobody committed a sin in the kingdom of the son of Vena. The head of him who conceives a sin through the deeds of three kinds, is cut off as with disc (by Viṣṇu). Since then nobody committed a sin. Thus was the order of the magnanimous son of Vena. All people always behaved well. Being intent upon all religious duties they lived by giving gifts and food. By the grace of that king they thrived with all pleasures.

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