The Narada Purana (abridged)

2010 | 18,115 words

The Narada Purana (Nārada Purāṇa) is one of the major eighteen Mahapuranas, a genre of Hindu religious texts. It deals with the places of pilgrimages and features a dialogue between the sage Narada, and Sanatkumara. During the course of the dialogue between the two, Narada explains to Sanatkumara the major places of piligrimages, their location, ...

Any religious rite that involves fasting should be done on one of the following tithis (lunar day) – dvitiya (second), shashthi (sixth), ashtami (eighth), ekadashi (eleventh), chaturdashi (fourteenth), amavasya (night of the new moon) and purnima (night of the full moon). Vratas are recommended in shuklapaksha, not in krishnapaksha. If there is a solar or a lunar eclipse, one should not eat until the sun or the moon has been seen again. Nor should one eat for four hours before a solar eclipse and for three hours before a lunar eclipse.

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