Naishadha-charita of Shriharsha

by Krishna Kanta Handiqui | 1956 | 159,632 words

Summary: The English translation of the Naishadha-charita of Shriharsha deals with the story of Nala and Damayanti (also found in the Mahabharata). Nala was king of the Nishadhas while Damayanti was the daughter of Bhima, king of Vidarbha. The work is considered as one of the five Mahakavyas (great epic poems) in Sanskrit literature.

The Naishadhacharita has its full share of epigrams and ethical reflections, and there are, likewise, quite notable observations on benevolence, charity, manly virtue, jealousy and similar topics.

The title of the work can also be spelled as Naiṣadhīyacarita (नैषधीयचरित) by Śrīharṣa (श्रीहर्ष), Naiṣadhacarita (नैषधचरित), Naiṣadhacharita, Naisadha-carita, Naishadhacharita, Naisadhacarita, Naishadiya-charita or Naishadiyacharita.


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The full text of the Naishadha-charita of Shriharsha in English is available here and publically accesible (free to read online). Of course, I would always recommend buying the book so you get the latest edition. You can see all this book’s content by visiting the pages in the below index:


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