Abhinaya-darpana (English)

by Ananda Coomaraswamy | 1917 | 16,981 words | ISBN-13: 9788121500210

The English translation of the Abhinaya-darpana (“the mirror of gesture”) by Nandikeshvara: an encyclopedic manual of the art of gesticulation. It belongs to a wide range of literature known as Natya-shastra: the ancient Indian art of dramatic performance, theatrics, dance and music. The Abhinaya Darpana is an abridgement of the Bharatarnava, a m...

Chapter 15 - Twenty-seven Combined Hands

Combined Hands (samyutta hastāni):

According to a different book the (twenty-seven) Combined Hands are as follows:

Twenty-seven hands are described as follows:

  1. Viprakīrṇa,
  2. Tala-mukha,
  3. Gajadanta,
  4. Sūci-viddha,
  5. Pallava,
  6. Nitamba,
  7. Keśa-bandha,
  8. Latā,
  9. Dvirada,
  10. Uddhṛta,
  11. Samyama,
  12. Mudrā,
  13. Aja-mukha,
  14. Ardha-mukula,
  15. Recita,
  16. Kuśala,
  17. Pakṣa-vañcita,
  18. Tilaka,
  19. Utthāna-vañcita,
  20. Vardhamāna,
  21. Jñāna,
  22. Rekhā,
  23. Vaiṣṇava,
  24. Brahmokta-śukatuṇḍa,
  25. Khaṇḍa-catura,
  26. Ardha-catura,
  27. Līna-mudrā.

[The descriptions in many cases correspond with what has already been given.]

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