The Markandeya Purana

by Frederick Eden Pargiter | 1904 | 247,181 words | ISBN-10: 8171102237

This page relates “about the svarocisa manvantara (concluded)” which forms the 67th chapter of the English translation of the Markandeya-purana: an ancient Sanskrit text dealing with Indian history, philosophy and traditions. It consists of 137 parts narrated by sage (rishi) Markandeya: a well-known character in the ancient Puranas. Chapter 67 is included the section known as “exposition of the manvantaras”.

Canto LXVII - About the Svārociṣa Manvantara (concluded)

Mārkaṇḍeya mentions the gods, ṛṣis and kings in the Svārociṣa Manvantara.

Mārkaṇḍeya spoke:

Then the adorable god made the Prajāpati named Svārociṣa Dyutimat a Manu. Listen to his Manvantara; who were the gods during that period, who were the munis and their sons, who were the princes, listen while I tell of them, O Krauṣṭuki.

The gods in that period were the Pārāvatas and also the Tuṣitas. O brāhman; and in Svārociṣa’s period the Indra was famed as Vipaścit. Ūrja, Tamba and Prāṇa, Dattoli and Ṛṣabha, Niścara and Cārvavīrat were the seven ṛṣis in that period. And seven sons had that high souled Manu, Caitra, Kimpuruṣa, &c., very valiant, guardians of the earth. So long as his Manvantara lasted, all this earth was enjoyed among the outspreadings of his family. That was the second Manvantara.

Now the man who hears of Svarocis’ deeds and Svārociṣa’s birth, and believes them, is delivered from his sins.

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