The Markandeya Purana

by Frederick Eden Pargiter | 1904 | 247,181 words | ISBN-10: 8171102237

This is the English translation of the Markandeya Purana, one of the eighteen Mahapuranas. The Puranas (purāṇa) are a genre of Hindu religious texts. Its leading feature is narrative; and it presents an uninterrupted succession of legends. This translation features Sanskrit-native words that have been rendered using the IAST transliteration schem...


May Viṣṇu’s lotus-feet, which power have
To dissipate the woes wrought by the fear
Of existence, and which are lauded high
By ascetics, assiduous, whose minds
From all things else are rapt—may those same feet,
Whose steps the earth, the sky, and heaven o’erpassed,
To sight appearing, purify your souls!

May He protect you, who is skilled to save
In every kind of sin impure; whose form
Within the bosom of the sea of milk
Upon the hooded snake reclines; and at
Whose touch the sea grows mountainous, its spray
Up-tossing from its waters by his breath
Disturbed, and into seeming dancing breaks!

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