The Garuda Purana

by Manmatha Nath Dutt | 1908 | 245,256 words | ISBN-13: 9788183150736

The English translation of the Garuda Purana: contents include a creation theory, description of vratas (religious observances), sacred holidays, sacred places dedicated to the sun, but also prayers from the Tantrika ritual, addressed to the sun, to Shiva, and to Vishnu. The Garuda Purana also contains treatises on astrology, palmistry, and preci...

Chapter CCIII - Various other medicinal Recipes (continued)

Hari said:—Take Vacha, Mansi, Vilvam, Tagaram, Padma-kesharam, Nagapushpam and Priyangu, in equal parts, pound them together, and make this compound into sticks with the addition of water. A man, who fumigates his body with a burning fumigating stick of this kind, is sure to roam about in this world as Eros incarnate. A plaster composed of Devadaru-powders and camphor pasted with honey and applied to the male re-productive organ is sure to fascinate a woman during an act of sexual congress. “Om, Rakta-Chandiké, bring such and such a person under my control.” O Shankara, by putting a totem composed of Gorochana (ox-gall) pasted with one’s own blood on one’s forehead and by ten thousand times reciting the foregoing Mantra, one is sure to fascinate the whole world. A plaster composed of Saindhava, Krishna Lavanam, galls of fishes, and sugar pasted together with honey and clarified butter may be applied by a woman to her own private parts before sharing the bed of a man. The man, who will know her thus, will never visit any other woman in his life. A plaster composed of Shankhapushpi, Vacha, Mansi, Somaraji, and Phalgukam pasted together with buffalo butter imparts a firmness to vaginal muscles and removes the flabbiness of the organ. Padmas, culled with their stems, should be pasted with milk and clarified butter and divided into pills. A dry pill, thus prepared and inserted into the maternal passage of a mother of ten children, will again make her as a virgin.

A fumigation with the vapours of a compound consisting of Sarshapa, Vacha, Madana-phalam, cat’s excreta, Dhushram and a woman’s hair proves antidotal to fever due to the malignant influences of Dakinis. Vapours of a compound consisting of Arjuna flowers, Bhallataka, Vidanga. Vala, Sarjarasa. and Sarshapa, pasted together with Sauviram and burnt in a room, destrovs snakes, mosquitos, flees, and lice. Plasters of powdered Earth-worms applied to, or introduced into, the reproductive organ of a woman, produce a paralyses of the vaginal walls.

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