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Chapter CXCIX - Various other medicinal Recipes

The Deity said:—Plasters of the ashes of elephant’s tusks and Rasānjanam pasted with goat’s milk and applied for seven days in succession, contribute to the growth of beards and mustachios. Oil, cooked with its quarter part of the expressed juice of Bhringarāja and Gunjā-powders, helps the growth of hair. For the cure of baldness (alopacea), first rub the scalp with a paste of Elā, Mānsi, Kushtham, and Murā, and then apply a plaster of pasted Guuja (Gūja?) berries over it. Applications of plasters of the powdered pulps of mango stones impart a thickness and silky gloss to the hairs and prevent their falling off. Anointment of the head with a medicinal oil cooked with Vidanga, Gandha-pāshāna, and Manah-Shilā and with the admixuture of cow’s urine, four times its own weight, destroys lice and dandruff. O thou bull-riding deity, applications of freshly burnt conch-shell powders mixed with rubbings of lead and water to the scalf impart a raven like blackness to the hair. A hair dye composed of Bhringā-rāja, iron-dusts, Triphalā, Vijapurakam, Nili and Karaviram boiled with an equal quantity of treacle make the grey hairs of old men black again. Pulps of mango-stones, Triphalā, Nili, Bhingarāja, steel-powders, dissolved in Kānjika make a good hair-dye. Plasters of Chakramarda-seeds, Kushtham and Eranda-roots pasted with warm Kānjikam and applied to the scalp prove curative in all diseases of the head (cephalagia). A medicinal oil cooked with its quarter part of cow’s urine and with the addition of rock salt, Vach, Hingu, Kushtham, Nāgeshvaram, Shata-pushpā, and Devadāru, poured into the ears, relieves earache. Similarly, ear-drops composed of rock salt and lamb’s urine prove beneficial in otalgia with a fetid discharge, and germination of parasites in the tympanum.

Pourings of the expressed juice of the Mālati leaves, and cow’s urine arrest fetid discharges from the ears. Rubbings of a plaster composed of Kushtha, Māsha, Maricham, Tagaram, Pippali, Apāmārga, Ashvagandhā, the two kinds of Vrihati, and mustard, Yava, and Tilam pasted with honey and rock-salt remove the numbness of the penis and the arms. Mustard oil cooked with the admixture of Bhallātakam, the two kinds of Vrihati, and the fruit and barks of Dādima trees should be prescribed for the purpose of getting the male reproductive organ elongated.

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