The Garuda Purana

by Manmatha Nath Dutt | 1908 | 245,256 words | ISBN-13: 9788183150736

The English translation of the Garuda Purana: contents include a creation theory, description of vratas (religious observances), sacred holidays, sacred places dedicated to the sun, but also prayers from the Tantrika ritual, addressed to the sun, to Shiva, and to Vishnu. The Garuda Purana also contains treatises on astrology, palmistry, and preci...

Chapter XXXVII - Description of the glories of Gayatri

Hari said:—The great goddess Gayatri gives enjoyment and emancipation. He who recites it has even mighty iniquities dissipated. I will now describe the Gayatri Kalpa which yeilds enjoyment and emancipation. Having recited it one thousand and eight times or one hundred and eight times at three periods of junction one repairs to the region of Brahma. Then after reciting it a hundred times he should drink water. Having invoked the spirit of the goddess having twelve names who destroys all sins at the period of conjunction he should adore her, with her own mantram “Bhur, Bhuvas, Svas.

Om, salutation unto Gayatri. Om, salutation unto Savitri. Om, salutation unto Sarasvati, unto the mother of the Vedas, Sangkriti, Brahmani and Kaushiki. He should assign the mantram “Bhur, Bhuvas” to Sadhya, having a thousand eyes, who accomplishes all objects. With the mantram “Swar” he should offer unto fire, one thousand and eight or one hundred and eight times, sacrificial twigs, butter and Havi. He should make all these oblations for attaining success in religious rites, personal undertakings and all other works. Having adored an image, made of sandal, wood or gold, recited the name a lac of times, lived on water, roots and fruits and performed two Ayutas of Homas a person attains to all desired-for objects. O goddess, ordered by Brahma, do thou, at thy pleasure, repair to the land situated on the northern summit.

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