The Garuda Purana

by Manmatha Nath Dutt | 1908 | 245,256 words | ISBN-13: 9788183150736

The English translation of the Garuda Purana: contents include a creation theory, description of vratas (religious observances), sacred holidays, sacred places dedicated to the sun, but also prayers from the Tantrika ritual, addressed to the sun, to Shiva, and to Vishnu. The Garuda Purana also contains treatises on astrology, palmistry, and preci...

Chapter XXX - Elaborate description of the mode of worshipping the Shridhara manifestation of Vishnu

Suta said:—I will describe in full the auspicious adoration of Shridhara. The family of all should be looked at impartially by the learned.

Om, Shram, salutation unto the heart. Om, Shrim, unto the head Svaha. Om Shram, unto the tuft of hair on the head, Vashat. Om, Shraim unto the coat of mail, Hum. Om, Shraum, unto the three eyes, Vaushat. Om, Shras unto the weapon, Phat.

Having thus shown unto self the various Mudras as Sangka, Chakra, Gada etc. and meditated on self known as Shridhara, the holder of conch-shell, discus and club a worshipper should adore the deity in the mystic diagram Sastika and others. He should first of all adore the seat of the god of gods, the holder of Shranga with the following mantram, O Mahadeva. Hear them, O Shankara.

Om, O presiding deity of the seat of Sridhara, come here. Om, salutation unto the entire family of the presiding deity of the seat of Achyuta.

Om salutation unto Dhatri, Om salutation unto Vidhatri. Om salutation unto Ganga. Om salutation unto Yamuna. Om salutation unto the Adhara Saktis. Om salutation unto the tortoise. Om salutation unto Ananta. Om salutation unto the earth. Om salutation unto religion. Om salutation unto knowledge. Om salutation unto Vairagya (the spirit of disassociation from the world). Om salutation unto prosperity. Om salutation unto irreligion. Om salutation unto ignorance. Om salutation unto worldliness. Om salutation unto poverty. Om salutation unto Skanda. Om salutation unto Nila. Om salutation unto the lotus. Om salutation unto Vimala. Om salutation unto Utkarshini. Om salutation unto Jnana. Om salutation unto Kriya. Om salutation unto Yogin. Om salutation unto Putra. Om salutation unto Prarha. Om salutation unto Satya. Om salutation unto Ishana. Om salutation unto Anugraha. Having worshipped them, O Rudra and invoked Hari a greatly wise worshipper should adore him with these mantrams destructive of all sins.

They are:—Om, Hrim, salutation unto Shridhara, Trailokyamohana and Vishnu.

Om, salutation unto Shri. Om, shram, salutation unto the heart. Om, Shrim, salutation unto the head. Om, Shram, salutation unto Sikha (the tuft of hair on the head). Om, Shraim, salutation unto the coat of mail. Om, Shraum, salutation unto the three eyes. Om, Shras, salutation unto the weapon. Om, salutation unto the conch-shell. Om, salutation unto the lotus. Om salutation unto the discus. Om, salutation unto the club. Om, salutation unto the mystic mark Srivatsa. Om salutation unto the jem Kaustava. Om salutation unto the garland of forest flowers. Om, salutation vunto the yellow raiment. Om., salutation unto Brahma. Om, salutation unto Narada. Om, salutation unto the preceptors. Om, salutation unto Indra. Om, salutation unto Agni. Om, salutation unto Yama. Om, salutation unto Nirhita. Om, salutation unto Varuna. Om, salutation unto Vayu. Om, salutation unto Soma. Om, salutation unto Ishana. Om, salutation unto Ananta. Om, salutation unto Brahman. Om, salutation unto Sattva. Om, salutation unto Rajas. Om, salutation unto Visvaksena.

Then he should dedicate raiments, sacred thread, scents, flowers, incense, lamps and food and then circumambulate the deity. Having dedicated them with great Mantrams he should recite the mantram.* Having recited it one hundred and eight times he should dedicate it. Then for a moment he should meditate on the deity stationed in his heart, pure like crystal, effulgent like a koti of suns, of a delightful countenance, gentle, adorned with shining ear-rings, crown, beautiful limbs and a garland of forest flowers. A learned worshipper should think of Shridhara in his own form as identical with Para Brahma. With the following hymn he should chant the glories of the great Ishvara.

Salutation unto the deity the abode of Shri. Salutation unto the lord of Shri. Salutation unto Shridhara with the Shranga bow, unto the giver of prosperity. Salutation again and again unto the dearest lord of Shri of a quiescent soul, unto Shriman. Salutation unto the abode of Shri mountain, unto him who does us good. Salutation again and again unto the mass of spiritual well-being. Salutation again and again unto Shrikara. Salutation again and again unto him who is worthy of adoration and being taken refuge with.

Having thus chanted the hymn, bowed unto him the worshipper should perform the Visarjana (the life-destroying rite) of the god of gods.

O Rudra, I have thus described the adoration of the great Vishnu. He, who does it with great reverential faith, attains to the great station. He, who reads this chapter describing the adoration of Vishnu, has all his sins washed off, and attains to the exalted station of Vishnu.

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