The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

The Bṛhadāraṇyaka Upaniṣad (with the Commentary of Śaṅkarācārya)

by Swāmī Mādhavānanda | 1950 | 272,359 words | ISBN-10: 8175051027

This Upanishad is widely known for its philosophical statements and is ascribed to Yajnavalkya. It looks at reality as being indescribable and its nature to be infinite and consciousness-bliss. Ethics revolve around the five Yajnas or sacrifices. This book includes the english translation of the Bhāṣya of Śaṅkara. The Shankara-Bhashya is the most ...

Preface to the Second Edition

The first edition being exhausted within a comparatively short period, a second edition is being brought out. In this edition very little change has been made except a slight revision and the addition of a few notes. Diacritic marks have been used in the Sanskrit words, and a key to the transliteration and pronounciation has been added.

February, 1941


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