The Brahmanda Purana

by G.V. Tagare | 1958 | 319,243 words | ISBN-10: 8120838246 | ISBN-13: 9788120838246

This page describes performance of shraddha under different constellations (nakshatra) which is Chapter 18 of the English translation of the Brahmanda Purana: one of the oldest puranas including common Puranic elements such as cosmogony, genealogy, ethics, geography and yoga. Traditionally, the Brahmandapurana is said to consist of 12,000 verses metrical Sanskrit verses.

Chapter 18 - Performance of Śrāddha under different Constellations (Nakṣatra)

Bṛhaspati said:—

1. “Listen from me to the details of the Śrāddhas that should be separately performed under different constellations (nakṣatra). These had been recounted to Śaśabindu by Yama.

2. The man who always performs the Śrāddha under the Kṛttikā constellation after gathering the sacred fires, shines in the heaven. He must strictly adhere to the obervances of these holy rites.

3. He who desires children should perform Śrāddha under Rohiṇī constellation.

He who performs Śrāddha under Saumya constellation (i.e. Mṛgaśiras) becomes brilliant.

One who performs Śrāddha under Ārdrā constellation is usually one who commits cruel acts.

4. By performing Śrāddha under Punarvasu constellation one inherits a share in fields (agricultural lands) and becomes blessed with sons.

The man who desires nourishment should perform Śrāddha under Tiṣya (i.e. Puṣya) constellation.

5. One who worships the Pitṛs under Āśleṣā constellation shall attain heroic sons.

One who performs Śrāddha under the Maghā constellation becomes the most excellent of all castes.

6. The man who worships the Pitṛs under Pūrvā Phālgunī constellation obtains good fortune.

He who performs under Uttarā Phālgunī constellation becomes habitually charitable and endowed with children.

7. By worshipping the Pitṛs under the constellation Hasta, one becomes the chief man in the assemblies.

He who performs Śrāddha under Citrā constellation will beget handsome sons.

8. He who performs Śrāddha under Svāti constellation shall acquire profit in trade.

A man who seeks sons should desire to perform Śrāddha under Viśākhā constellation,

9. One who performs Śrāddha under the constellation Anurādhā shall be able to exercise the sovereignty of a realm. He who always performs Śrāddha under Jyeṣṭhā constellation shall acquire excellent overlordship.

10. They who wish for freedom from illness should perform Śrāddha under Mūla constellation.

Those who perform Śrāddha under Pūrvāṣāḍhā constellation gain great fame.

The man who performs Śrāddha under Uttarāṣāḍhā constellation shall be free from grief.

11. By performing Śrāddha under Śravaṇa constellation one attains the greatest goal in the worlds.

One who performs Śrāddha under Dhaniṣṭhā constellation inherits a share in kingdom and vast amount of wealth.

12. By performing Śrāddha under the constellation (nakṣatra) pertaining to Varuṇa (i.e. constellation Śatabhiṣak) one conquers the worlds by means of the Śrāddhas, attains (the mastery of) the Vedas along with the ancillary subjects and obtains the greatest achievements of physicians.

13. One who performs Śrāddha under Pūrvā-Prauṣṭhapadā (Bhādrapadā) constellation shall obtain many ways and means of sustenance.

By not transgressing (i.e. by performing Śrāddha) under the Uttara-Prauṣṭhapadā (Bhādrapadā) constellation one gets thousands of cows.

14. One who performs Śrāddha under the excellent constellation Revatī acquires much wealth by means of metals other than silver and gold.

One who is a devotee of the constellation Aśvayuk (Aśvinī) obtains horses.

One who performs Śrāddha under Bharaṇī constellation becomes the most excellent among good men.

15. By performing Śrāddhas, in accordance with these injunctions regarding Śrāddhas, Śaśabindu acquired the entire earth through his prowess with ease (lit. without any strain) and ruled over it.

Notes on this chapter:

This chapter is adopted from Mbh. Anuśāsana ch. 89 with slight variations in words. Vā.P. Ch. 82 is practically (textually) identical with this Chapter.

This chapter is incorporated from Mbh. Anuśāsana Ch. 89. It is probably Viṣṇu Dharma Sūtra (78.8-15) which first mentions the fruits obtained by performing Śrāddha under different constellations (nakṣatra) from Kṛttikā to Bharaṇī. Yājñavalkya Smṛ. 1.265-268, MK.P.30.8-16, BM.P.220.33-42, KP.II.20.9-15, Vā P Ch. 82 deal with the same topic though there is some disagreement about the rewards so promised.

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