The Agni Purana

by N. Gangadharan | 1954 | 360,691 words | ISBN-10: 8120803590 | ISBN-13: 9788120803596

This page describes The propitiation of the letters on one’s limbs to ward off evil which is chapter 303 of the English translation of the Agni Purana, one of the eighteen major puranas dealing with all topics concerning ancient Indian culture, tradition and sciences. Containing roughly 15,000 Sanskrit metrical verses, subjects contained in the Agni-Purana include cosmology, philosophy, architecture, iconography, economics, diplomacy, pilgrimage guides, ancient geography, gemology, ayurveda, etc.

Chapter 303 - The propitiation of the letters on one’s limbs to ward off evil

[Full title: The propitiation of the letters on one’s limbs to ward off evil (aṅga-akṣara-arcana)]

Fire-god said:

1. It is known to be the period of pauṣṇa when the Moon reaches the natal asterism and the Sun occupies the seventh house. One has to examine one’s breath then.

2. The throat and the lips move from their position, the nose (becomes) bent and the tongue (becomes) black. That person would live for seven days only.

3-4a. (The following is the mantra for warding off this evil consequence): “taro meṣo miṣaṃ dantī naro dīrghā ghanā rasaḥ, to kruddholka, maholka, vīrolka, ulka and sahasrolka.” This is the eight-syllabled mantra of (Lord) Viṣṇu.

4b-7. These should be located in the folds of the eight fingers beginning with the little finger. The eight letters of (the eight) asterisms represented by the eight folds beginning with the first fold on the middle finger should be located in order on the head. The asterism (is located) on the index finger, the lagnas on the thumb as also with the middle finger. In the same way the letters of the asterisms etc. are located on the palm and thumb. (The letters of the mantras should be contemplated)—as red, white, tawny, green, golden and (the remaining) three as white. These letters having the above colours and set with their true state should be located in order at the heart, face, eyes, head, feet, palate, private organ and hands.

8. After having assigned the principal letters on the hand and body, the location of the constituent parts. The location on (the image of) the deity should be done as in the case of oneself except (that) the hand (is not involved).

9-12. The letters located in the different places such as the heart should be worshipped with incense and flowers. The virtues etc., fire etc. and unrighteousness etc. are located respectively on the body, seat and the lotus. The three orbs of the Sun, Moon and Fire pervading the filaments (of the lotus) should be located in order with their distinctions. The qualities sattva etc. and the female energies Vimalā, Utkarṣiṇī, Jñāna, Kriyā, Yogā, Prahvī, Satyā and Īśānānugrahā (are to be located) in the filaments therein in order. After having worshipped the yogic seat at the centre, (Lord) Hari should be invoked and worshipped.

13. The five practices of worship such as water for washing the feet, arghya (respectful offering), water for sipping, yellow clothes and ornament are all offered with the principal (mantra).

14. The images of (gods) Vāsudeva (a form of Viṣṇu) and others, namely four[1], should be worshipped in the four (principal) directions. (Goddesses) Śrī (Lakṣmī), Sarasvatī, Rati and Śānti should be worshipped in the intermediary directions.

15. The conch, disc, mace, lotus, pestle, sword, śārṅga (bow) and the garland of wild flowers should duly be worshipped in the principal and intermediary directions.

16. After having worshipped Tārkṣya (eagle vehicle of Lord Viṣṇu) outside in front (of the Lord), Viṣvaksena and Someśa should be worshipped outside at the centre and Indra and other attendant gods outside the enclosure. One would obtain everything by this worship.

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