The Agni Purana

by N. Gangadharan | 1954 | 360,691 words | ISBN-10: 8120803590 | ISBN-13: 9788120803596

This page describes Gifts granting the desired fruits which is chapter 212 of the English translation of the Agni Purana, one of the eighteen major puranas dealing with all topics concerning ancient Indian culture, tradition and sciences. Containing roughly 15,000 Sanskrit metrical verses, subjects contained in the Agni-Purana include cosmology, philosophy, architecture, iconography, economics, diplomacy, pilgrimage guides, ancient geography, gemology, ayurveda, etc.

Chapter 212 - Gifts granting the desired fruits

[Sanskrit text for this chapter is available]

Fire-god said:

1. I shall describe gifts that confer the desired benefits. One should do daily worship each month and do the worship for (the accomplishment of one’s) desires.

2-3. The undertaking of the vow, worship of the preceptor and the grand worship at the end of the year (are the routines). One who gives a horse and a lotus made of flour to lord Śiva after worship in mārgaśīrṣa would live in the world of Sun for a long time. (By giving) an elephant made of flour in pauṣa, one would lift twenty-one generations.

4. By giving a horse and a chariot made of flour in māgha, one would not go to hell. One would become a monarch and would ascend heaven by giving a bull made of flour in phālguna.

5. Having given a cow made of sugarcane together with a servant and a female servant in caitra, one would remain in heaven for a long time and would become a monarch at the end.

6. One would become verily (lord) Śiva himself by giving seven kinds of rice in vaiśākha. One would become (identical with lord) Śiva by making a circular altar in the āṣāḍha.

7. One would ascend heaven and also (become) a king by giving a vehicle made of flowers in śrāvaṇa. By giving two hundred fruits one would elevate his family (and become) a king.

8. One would become a king after ascending heaven by giving guggulu (gum resin) etc. in bhādra. Giving a vessel filled with milk and clarified butter in āśvina would convey one to heaven.

9. Having given pieces of jaggery and clarified butter in the kārttika one would go to heaven and then be a king. I shall describe the twelve varieties of gifts (known as) merudāna (heaps of things resembling the Meru mountain) that confers enjoyment and emancipation.

10-18. In the meruvrata one should give a meru (mountain) of gems to a brahmin in kārttika. Listen to me. (I shall describe) the measure (of things) in all (the gifts of) Merus duly. Only a prastha (a measure) of diamond, ruby, mahānīla (a kind of sapphire), sapphire, crystal, topaz, emerald and pearl are excellent. Half of that (measure) would be medium and a quarter of that (would be) inferior. One should avoid doing trickery knowingly. The Meru should be located in the pericarps presided by (the lords) Brahmā, Viṣṇu and Īśa. Mālyavān should be worshipped on the east and that is known as Bhadra still to its east. Aśvarakṣa is said to be the next. The Niṣadha, Hemakūṭa and Himavān, the three, should be (worshipped) on the south of Meru. The three (mountains) Nīla, Śveta and Śṛṅgī are (worshipped) on the north (of Meru). (The mountains) Gandhamādana, Vaikaṅka and Ketumāla would be on the west. Thus the Meru would be associated with the twelve (mountains). One should worship (lord) Viṣṇu or (lord) Śiva after fasting preceded by bathing. The Meru should be worshipped with the sacred syllables in front of the deity and given to a brahmin. (One should say) “I give this excellent material of (the shape of) Meru belonging to god Viṣṇu to a brahmin of such and such a gotra to become sinless and for the sake of enjoyment and emancipation.” (One who does so) would be honoured by the celestials and would sport in the (divine) chariot in the worlds of Indra, Brahmā, Śiva and Viṣṇu after elevating his family. One should make the gift even at other times such as the entry of the Sun from one constellation into another.

19-22. One should offer the golden Meru of (the weight of) a thousand palas. It should have three peaks representing the (lords) Brahmā, Viṣṇu and Hara (Śiva). Each one of the mountains should be hundred (palas). Together with the Meru, the mountains are known to be thirteen. One who makes a gift of gold Meru to a brahmin at the time of solstices, eclipses etc., in the presence of (lord) Viṣṇu, after having worshipped lord Hari (Viṣṇu), would live in the world of Viṣṇu for a long time. One would be a king for such a long time as the infinitesimal particles (of the gift). One should resolve and give a silver Meru having twelve mountains.

23-26. It would have the aforesaid benefit. One should worship lord Viṣṇu and a brahmin and resolve (to give) bhūmimeru (land in the form of Meru) consisting of a circular orb or a village of one-eighth part. The other parts (carry) the same benefit as before. One who gives the Meru in the form of an elephant together with the twelve mountains and the three beings (gods) would get infinite benefit. Meru (in the form) of a horse (would be) fifteen horses together with twelve horses. Giving this (as a gift) after worshipping lords Viṣṇu and others one would enjoy comforts and become a king. One should give a Meru (in the form) of cow of the same number as the horse as before.

27. A gift of a Meru (in the form) of cloth would be a bhāra of silk cloth in the middle with the twelve cloth as mountains (around). By giving (this gift) (one will have) undiminishing benefit.

28-29. A mountain of clarified butter (would be) five thousand palas of ghee, each one (of the mountains being) five hundred. One should worship lord Hari in this mountain. Having offered it to a brahmin in the presence of (lord) Viṣṇu, one would get everything and reach lord Hari. One would get (the same fruit) by making a Meru of sugar-candy and giving in the same way.

30-35. The Meru of grains (should be) five khāri (a measure equal to 15 droṇas) and the other (mountains) of one khāri each. All should have golden peaks (denoting lords) Brahmā, Viṣṇu and Maheśvara. One would acquire special benefit by worshipping lord Viṣṇu in all of them. One should set up a Meru of sesamum in the same way measuring ten parts. The peaks should be as before for that (mountain) and other mountains. One who makes a gift of a Meru of sesamum would reach the world ofViṣṇu together with his relatives. “Obeisance to the form of Viṣṇu. Obeisance to (the mountain) Dharādhara. (Obeisance) to one having lords Brahma, Viṣṇu and Īśa on the peaks, to one remaining at the navel of the earth, to the lord of twelve mountains, to the destroyer of all sins, to the devotee of lord Viṣṇu and to the calm person. You always protect me so that I may reach lord Viṣṇu together with my forefathers becoming sinless. Oṃ, obeisance. You are indeed lord Hari. I am lord Viṣṇu in the front of (lord) Hari. I shall inform lord Viṣṇu with devotion for the sake of enjoyment and emancipation.

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