The Agni Purana

by N. Gangadharan | 1954 | 360,691 words | ISBN-10: 8120803590 | ISBN-13: 9788120803596

This page describes Description of Shivaratrivrata which is chapter 193 of the English translation of the Agni Purana, one of the eighteen major puranas dealing with all topics concerning ancient Indian culture, tradition and sciences. Containing roughly 15,000 Sanskrit metrical verses, subjects contained in the Agni-Purana include cosmology, philosophy, architecture, iconography, economics, diplomacy, pilgrimage guides, ancient geography, gemology, ayurveda, etc.

Chapter 193 - Description of Śivarātrivrata

Fire-god said:

1-6. Listen! I shall describe the vow of Śiva’s night that confers enjoyment and emancipation. The fourteenth day in the dark (fortnight) in between (the months of) māgha (February-March) and phālguna (March-April) is endowed with kāma (pleasure). One who practises the vow should fast, keep awake (and resolve) “I shall do Śivarātrivrata fasting on the fourteenth day and worship lord Śiva after remaining awake and undertaking the vow. I invoke lord Śambhu (Śiva), the conferer of enjoyment and emancipation and the boat that rescues from the ocean of hell. Obeisance to you. Obeisance to lord Śiva, the tranquil person, the bestower of progeny and kingdom, the giver of fortune, health, knowledge, material prosperity and the pathway to heaven. Give me righteousness. Give me riches. Give me fulfilment of desires and enjoyment. Give me the happiness of good quality and fame. Get me also heaven and emancipation. (By the practice of this vow) the greedy sinner Sundarasena acquired merit.

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