The Religion and Philosophy of Tevaram (Thevaram)

by M. A. Dorai Rangaswamy | 1958 | 410,072 words

This page describes “(a) weapons and ornaments of shiva” from the part dealing with Nampi Arurar (Sundarar) and Mythology, viz. Puranic stories and philosophy. The 7th-century Thevaram (or Tevaram) contains devotional poems sung in praise of Shiva. These hymns form an important part of the Tamil tradition of Shaivism

Chapter 4.6 - (a) Weapons and Ornaments of Shiva

In our study of the various forms of Shiva, we have referred to the weapons, the ornaments and His toilet. As already pointed out in the beginning of this study, these have a mystic significance. Therefore, it is necessary to collect all the references under various heads of weapons, dress, etc., and study them from this point of view.

Kantapurana-c curukkam summarizes the story of the sacrifice of the Darukavana Rsis: “We shall destroy Him who had spoiled the chastity of the women of no evil”, so saying they (the Rsis) performed a sacrifice of huge conflagration. They commanded against Him the cruel attacking tiger, the battle-axe, the deer, the swarm of terrible serpents, the Bhutas or devils, the dashing white skull, the drum of unshakable power and muyalakan—all born and coming out of the fire one after another.

He flayed the tiger’s skin and clothed himself with it; He ordered the devils to stand by Him as His army; He trampled with one of His wide lotus feet, muyalakan and made him moan. The deer sent was held as a plaything in one of His hands on the left. He adorned His form of invaluable beauty, with all the rest.

The plate of fire was also sent along with the axe though this is not specifically mentioned here, because latterly the ‘malu’ meaning the battle-axe came to be confused with fire.

In this place itself it is better to bring all the descriptions of not only the things mentioned in connection with this sacrifice but also of all the adornments, hands, eyes, weapons and dress of the Lord.

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