Syainika Sastra [sanskrit]

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Summary: The Sanskrit text of the Syainika-Sastra attributed to king Rudradeva (or Candradeva) from the 13th century. This book deals with Hunting and Hawking and is written as a traditional type of Sanskrit educational treatise (Shastra). It contains 368 Sanskrit verses and contains many overlapping topics, such as the treatment and diet of birds.

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The full text of the Syainika Sastra [sanskrit] is available here and publically accesible (free to read online). Of course, I would always recommend buying the book so you get the latest edition. You can see all this book’s content by visiting the pages in the below index:

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Also see the following editions of the Sanskrit text or (alternative) English translations of the Syainika Sastra [sanskrit]

Cover of edition (2005)

Syainika-Sastra (Ancient Text on Hawking)
by Mahamahopadhyaya Haraprasad Shastri (2005)

Publisher: Sadesh; Introdfuction by Smt. Mina Hati; Edited by: Manabendu Banerjee

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