Sushruta Samhita, Volume 6: Uttara-tantra

by Kaviraj Kunja Lal Bhishagratna | 1916 | 113,078 words

This current book, the Uttara-tantra (english translation) is the supplementary part of the Sushrutasamhita and deals various subjects such as diseases of the eye, treatment of fever, diarrhea, diseases resulting from superhuman influences, insanity, rules of health etc. The Sushruta Samhita is the most representative work of the Hindu system of m...

Chapter XXXVI - Treatment of an attack by Naigamesha

Now we shall discourse on the chapter which deals with the medical treatment of (an attack by) Naigamesha (Naigamesha-Pratishedha). 1.

The decoction of Vilva, Agnimantha and Putika should be used in sprinkling (the body of the possessed child) and sprinkling with Sura, Sauvira and Dhanyamla (Kanjika) is also advisable in such cases. A medicated oil should be duly cooked with Priyangu, Sarala, Ananta, Shata-pushpa and Kutannata and with cow’s urine, the liquid of the milk-curd (Dadhi-mastu) and Kanjika. Medicated Ghritas should be duly prepared with the drugs of the Madhura group as Kalka, with the decoction of the Dasamula and with milk or with the head of a date-palm tree 2. A.

The child should be made to wear Vaca, Vayastha, Golomi and Jatila as a charm and the utsadana measures recommended in the treatment of Skandapasmara should be used in this case also. Siddharthaka (white mustard), Vaca, Hingu, Kushtha, parched rice, Bhalla-taka and Ajamoda should be used in fumigating the body of the child. In cases of attacks by Navagraha the dungs of a monkey, an owl and a vulture should also be used by persons wishing the good of the child for a fumigating purpose and that at the dead of the night when all persons are asleep. 2. B.

Offerings of huskless sesamum, garlands of flowers and various dishes should be made to the deity Naigamesha (the preserver of the child) at the foot of a Vata tree on the sixth day of the fortnight and the child should be bathed there at the foot of the tree.

The Mantra runs as follows:—

“May the far-famed god, Naigamesha, the preserver of children, who has a goat’s face with moving brow and rolling eyes and who can assume different forms at will, preserve the child.” 2.


Thus ends the thirty-sixth chapter of the Uttara-Tantra in the Sushruta Samhita which deals with the medical treatment of (an attack by) Naigamesha.

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