Sushruta Samhita, Volume 6: Uttara-tantra

by Kaviraj Kunja Lal Bhishagratna | 1916 | 113,078 words

This current book, the Uttara-tantra (english translation) is the supplementary part of the Sushrutasamhita and deals various subjects such as diseases of the eye, treatment of fever, diarrhea, diseases resulting from superhuman influences, insanity, rules of health etc. The Sushruta Samhita is the most representative work of the Hindu system of m...

Chapter XXX - Treatment of an attack by Shakuni-graha

Now we shall discourse on the chapter which deals with the medical treatment of an attack by Shakuni (Shakuni-Pratishedha). 1.

A wise physician should sprinkle the body of the child possessed by Shakuni with the decoction (duly prepared) of Vetasa, Amra and Kapittha. Oils duly cooked with the drugs of the sweet and astringent groups should be used in anointing its body. Pradehas (plasters) composed of Madhuka, Ushira, Hrivera, Sariva, Utpala, Padmaka, Rodhra, Priyangu, Manjishtha and Gairika, should be applied. 2A.

Various kinds of medicinal powders and diet and remedial measures in general described in connection with the medical treatment of Ulcers[1] as well as the fumigations (Dhupana) mentioned in the chapter on the treatment of Skanda-graha (vide ch. XXViII.) should be prescribed for the disease under discussion. Drugs such as Shatavari, Mrigadani, Ervaru, Nagadanti, Nidigdhika, Lakshmana, Sahadeva and Vrihati should be fastened (as a charm) to the body of the child (in the preceding manner). 2B.

The presiding deity of the disease (Shakuni Graha) should be worshipped by a physician of self-control inside a Karanja bower and be propitiated with offerings of huskless sesamum, garlands of flowers, Haritala (yellow orpiment) and Manahshila (realgar) and the child should be bathed duly inside the bower (according to the rules laid down in the treatment of Skanda Graha). The medicated Ghrita prescribed for the treatment of Skanda Graha may also be advantageously given in the present instance. 2C.

Various sorts of worship should be made with the offerings of various species of auspicious flowers. The Mantra to be recited on the occasion runs as folllows:—

“May the ever down-looking sharp-beaked goddess, Shakuni, who (with her keen and far-seeing eyes) is decked with all sorts of ornaments and who traverses the ethereal sky in her flight, be propitious to thee. May the brown-eyed, fierce-looking, huge-bodied, large-bellied, and spike-eared Shakuni, who strikes terror into the heart of man with her terrible voice, be pleased with thee.” 2.


Thus ends the thirtieth chapter of the Uttara Tantra in the Sushruta Samhita which deals with the treatment of (an attack) by Shakuni.

Footnotes and references:


See Chapter I, Chikitshita Sthāna.

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