Subala Upanishad of Shukla-yajurveda

by K. Narayanasvami Aiyar | 1914 | 5,729 words

This is the English translation of the Subala Upanishad (belonging to the Shukla Yajurveda): a minor Sanskrit treatise selected amongst a collection 108 extant upanishads, dating to at least the 1st millennium BC. The Subala-upanishad is presented in the form of a dialogue between Raikva (Subala) and Prajapati. It discusses various topics, such as...

Chapter XII (twelfth khaṇḍa)

[note: In this chapter are related the different fires, the first or primordial anna or food-substance has to pass through in order to become the gross food.]

"Anna (food) came from Nārāyaṇa. It was first cooked in Brahmaloka in the Mahā-samvartaka fire. Again it was cooked in the sun; again it was cooked in kravyādi (lit., the fire that burns raw flesh, etc.); again it was cooked in jvālakīla (the flaming kīla); then it became pure and not stale (or fresh). One should eat whatever has fallen to his lot and without begging; one should never beg any (food)."

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