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The English translation of the Sri Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu verse 3.3.63; a medieval era Sanskrit book, written by Rupa Goswami (fl. 15th century) which represents a devotional (bhakti) masterpiece. In this work Goswami describes the nature and different forms of pure love (rasa) as well as various other topics on Vaishnavism and devotion.

Sanskrit text, Unicode transliteration and English translation:

यथा —
तुन्दं विन्दति ते मुकुन्द शनकैर् अश्वत्त-पत्र-श्रियं
कण्ठं कम्बुवद् अम्बुजाक्ष भजते रखा-त्रयीम् उज्ज्वलाम् ।
आरुन्धे कुरुविन्द-कन्दल-रुचिं भू-चन्द्र दन्त-च्छदो
लक्ष्मीर् आधुनिकी धिनोति सुहृदाम् अक्षीणि सा काप्य् असौ ॥३.३.६३॥

yathā —
tundaṃ vindati te mukunda śanakair aśvatta-patra-śriyaṃ
kaṇṭhaṃ kambuvad ambujākṣa bhajate rakhā-trayīm ujjvalām |
ārundhe kuruvinda-kandala-ruciṃ bhū-candra danta-cchado
lakṣmīr ādhunikī dhinoti suhṛdām akṣīṇi sā kāpy asau

English translation

An example:
“O Kṛṣṇa! Your has the beauty of an aśvattha leaf. O lotus-eyed one! Your throat is beautified by three lines like a conch. O moon on earth! Your lips conquer the red effulgence of fresh rubies. What can be said? This new, indescribable beauty is giving bliss to the eyes of Your friends.”

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