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The English translation of the Sri Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu verse 3.2.111; a medieval era Sanskrit book, written by Rupa Goswami (fl. 15th century) which represents a devotional (bhakti) masterpiece. In this work Goswami describes the nature and different forms of pure love (rasa) as well as various other topics on Vaishnavism and devotion.

Sanskrit text, Unicode transliteration and English translation:

यथा वा —
क्वचिन् नटति निष्पटं क्वचिद् असम्भवं स्तम्भते
क्वचिद् विहसति स्फुटं क्वचिद् अमन्दम् आक्रन्दति ।
लसत्य् अनलसं क्वचित् क्वचिद् अपार्थम् आर्तायते
हरेर् अभिनवोद्धुर-प्रणय-सीधुम् अत्तो मुनिः ॥३.२.१११॥

yathā vā —
kvacin naṭati niṣpaṭaṃ kvacid asambhavaṃ stambhate
kvacid vihasati sphuṭaṃ kvacid amandam ākrandati
lasaty analasaṃ kvacit kvacid apārtham ārtāyate
harer abhinavoddhura-praṇaya-sīdhum atto muniḥ

English translation

Another example:
Nārada, drunk with the nectar of new love for the Lord, sometimes danced naked, sometimes became paralyzed inappropriately, sometimes laughed loudly, sometimes shouted intensely, sometimes played about without fatigue, and sometimes wandered about as if in pain, when there was no cause for pain.”

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