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The English translation of the Sri Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu verse 2.4.152; a medieval era Sanskrit book, written by Rupa Goswami (fl. 15th century) which represents a devotional (bhakti) masterpiece. In this work Goswami describes the nature and different forms of pure love (rasa) as well as various other topics on Vaishnavism and devotion.

Sanskrit text, Unicode transliteration and English translation:

तत्र इष्टेक्षा-स्पृहया, यथा श्री-दशमे (१०.७१.३४) —
प्राप्तं निशम्य नर-लोचन-पान-पात्रम्
औत्सुक्य-विश्लथित-केश-दुकूल-बद्धाः ।
सद्यो विसृज्य गृह-कर्म पतींश् च तल्पे
द्रष्टुं ययुर् युवतयः स्म नरेन्द्र-मार्गे ॥२.४.१५२॥

tatra iṣṭekṣā-spṛhayā, yathā śrī-daśame (10.71.34) —
prāptaṃ niśamya nara-locana-pāna-pātram
autsukya-viślathita-keśa-dukūla-baddhāḥ |
sadyo visṛjya gṛha-karma patīṃś ca talpe
draṣṭuṃ yayur yuvatayaḥ sma narendra-mārge

English translation

Impatience arising from a desire to see one’s cherished object, from the Tenth
Canto of Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam [10.71.33]:
“When the young women of the city heard that Lord Kṛṣṇa, the reservoir of pleasure for human eyes, had arrived, they hurriedly went onto the royal road to see Him. They abandoned their household duties and even left their husbands in bed, and in their eagerness the knots of their hair and garments came loose.”

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