Shrimad Bhagavad-gita

by Narayana Gosvami | 2013 | 327,105 words

The Bhagavad-gita Verse 16.15, English translation, including the Vaishnava commentaries Sarartha-varsini-tika, Prakashika-vritti and Rasika-ranjana (excerpts). This is verse Verse 16.15 from the chapter 16 called “Daivasura-sampada-yoga (Yoga through discerning Divine and Demoniac Qualities)”

Sanskrit text, Unicode transliteration, Word-for-word and English translation of verse 16.15:

आढ्योऽभिजनवान् अस्मि कोऽन्योऽस्ति सदृशो मया ।
यक्ष्ये दास्यामि मोदिष्य इत्य् अज्ञान-विमोहिताः ॥ १५ ॥

āḍhyo'bhijanavān asmi ko'nyo'sti sadṛśo mayā |
yakṣye dāsyāmi modiṣya ity ajñāna-vimohitāḥ
|| 15 ||

āḍhyaḥ–wealthy; abhijanavān–of noble birth; asmi–I am; kaḥ–who?; anyaḥ–else; asti–is there; sadṛśaḥ–equal; mayā–with me; yakṣye–I shall sacrifice; dāsyāmi–I shall give in charity; modiṣye–I shall be happy; iti–thus; ajñāna-vimohitāḥ–persons illusioned by ignorance.

“I am wealthy and of noble birth. Who is equal to me? I will perform ritualistic sacrifices, and give in charity; thus I shall enjoy great happiness.” Deluded by ignorance, they speak in this way.


No commentary available.


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