The Shiva Purana (English translation)

by J. L. Shastri | 1970 | 616,585 words

This page relates “incarnation and the story of mahesha” as found in the Shiva-purana, which, in Hinduism, represents one of the eighteen Mahapuranas. This work eulogizes Lord Shiva as the supreme deity, besides topics such as cosmology and philosophy. It is written in Sanskrit and claims to be a redaction of an original text consisting of 100,000 metrical verses.

Chapter 21 - The Incarnation and the story of Maheśa

Nandīśvara said:

1. O sage, O son of the self-born Brahmā, listen to the great incarnation of lord Śiva, which yields all desires to the hearer.

2. O great sage, once the supreme god Śiva and the great goddess Pārvatī became desirous of indulging in sports.

3. Keeping Bhairava as the watch-man they went inside. Acting like human beings they were lovingly served by many attendants.

4. O sage, indulging in different sports of their choice for a long time, the lordly deities were highly delighted.

5. The independent goddess Pārvatī sportively assumed the form of a mad woman and with the permission of her lord came near to the door in that form itself.

6. Fascinated by her charming form Bhairava glanced at her as at a woman and prevented her from going out.

7. O sage, viewed at very closely by Bhairava, the goddess Pārvatī became furious and cursed him.

Śiva said:—

8. O base man, since you glanced at me as at a woman, O Bhairava, be born as a human being on the earth.

Nandīśvara said:—

9. O sage, when Bhairava was thus cursed by her there was a hue and cry. He became very miserable due to the sport of the goddess.

10. O great sage, hastening to that place, Śiva consoled Bhairava. Indeed, the lord is very expert in the various forms of consolation.

11. Due to her curse, and as a result of Śiva’s will, O sage, Bhairava descended to the earth in human birth under the name of Vaitāla.

12. Urged by his friendship lord Śiva also incarnated on the earth along with Śivā. He indulged in good sports and followed worldly conventions.

13. O sage, Śiva was known as Maheśa and Pārvatī as Śāradā. Both of them experts in different sports indulged in fine sports.

14. O dear, thus the story of Maheśa has been narrated to you. It is excellent, conducive to wealth, fame and longevity and yields all desires.

15. He who listens to and narrates this story with devotion and purity of mind enjoys all pleasures here and attains salvation hereafter.