The Shiva Purana

by J. L. Shastri | 1970 | 616,585 words

This page relates “fight between vishnu and jalandhara” as found in the Shiva-purana, which, in Hinduism, represents one of the eighteen Mahapuranas. This work eulogizes Lord Shiva as the supreme deity, besides topics such as cosmology and philosophy. It is written in Sanskrit and claims to be a redaction of an original text consisting of 100,000 metrical verses.

Chapter 17 - The fight between Viṣṇu and Jalandhara

Sanatkumāra said:—

1. Then the heroic Asuras hit and struck the gods distressed and terrified, with the spears, axes and clubs.

2. With their bodies cut and pierced by the weapons of the Asuras, the gods including Indra became distressed in mind by fear and they fled from the battle.

3. On seeing the gods fleeing, Viṣṇu hastened to the battle ground seated on his vehicle Garuḍa.

4. By means of his discus Sudarśana he diffused his splendour all round. He shone with the brilliant lotus in his hand and offered fearlessness to his devotees.

5. Holding the conch, sword, mace and the bow, the heroic deity was very furious. He was efficient in the battle using fierce weapons.

6. He produced the twanging sound from his bow and roared aloud. O sage, all the three worlds were filled with its loud sound.

7. The lord Viṣṇu who was highly infuriated cut off the heads of countless Asuras by means of the arrows discharged from his bow.

8. Then the Asuras afflicted by the gusts of wind set in motion by the wings of Garuḍa in his speedy flight were blown to and fro like the clouds in the sky tossed about in a stormy whirlwind.

9. On seeing the Asuras afflicted by the gusts of wind Jalandhara the great Asura became furious and terrified all the gods.

10. Seeing Viṣṇu suppressing and pounding the Asuras, the lips of the heroic Asura throbbed and he rushed at Viṣṇu to fight with him.

11. The king of Asuras shouted and roared terrifying both the gods and the Asuras. On hearing it, the ears became pierced.

12. The entire universe, filled with the terrible shouts of the Asura Jalandhara, quaked.

13. Then a great battle ensued between Viṣṇu and Jalandhara, the ruler of Asuras, both filling up the sky with their arrows.

14. O sage, gods, Asuras, sages and the Siddhas were

very much surprised at the terrible mutual clash between the two.

15. Striking with a single arrow, Viṣṇu smote the heart of the Asura. With innumerable arrows he cut off the umbrella, banner, bow and arrows of the demon.

16. Seizing the mace with his hand, the Asura jumped up quickly, hit Garuḍa on his head and felled him to the ground.

17. The infuriated Asura with throbbing lips hit Viṣṇu in his heart with his sharp spear diffusing its splendour.

18. Viṣṇu laughingly split the mace with his sword. The destroyer of Asuras twanged his bow and split him with sharp arrows.

19. Viṣṇu the infuriated destroyer of the Asuras smote the Asura Jalandhara with a very sharp terrifying arrow.

20. On seeing his arrow coming, the powerful Asura cut it off with another arrow and hit Viṣṇu in the chest.

21. The heroic Viṣṇu of long arms split the arrow discharged by the Asura to the size of gingelly seeds and roared.

22. The infuriated great Asura fixed an arrow again to his bow and split the arrow of Viṣṇu.

23. Vāsudeva fixed another arrow to his bow for the destruction of the enemy of the gods angrily and roared like a lion.

24. Biting his lips with anger, Jalandhara the powerful king of Asuras split the bow of Viṣṇu with his arrow.

25. The heroic Asura of fierce valour, terrible to the gods, hit Viṣṇu again with very sharp arrows.

26. With his bow split, the lord Viṣṇu, protector of the worlds, hurled his great mace for the destruction of Jalandhara.

27. That mace resembling a blazing flame when hurled by Viṣṇu moved with unerring aim and dashed against his body.

28. Though hit by it, the great haughty Jalandhara did not move even slightly as though he was hit by a flower-garland.

29. Then the infuriated Jalandhara, invincible in war, terrifying to the Asuras hurled a trident, resembling fire, at Viṣṇu.

30. Immediately Viṣṇu remembered the lotus-like feet of Śiva and cut the trident with his sword Nandaka.

31. When the trident was split, the lord of the Asuras leapt and rushed against Viṣṇu and hit him in the chest with his fist.

32. Without minding the pain in the least, the heroic Viṣṇu hit Jalandhara in the chest with his firm fist.

33. Then both of them equally powerful had a hand to hand fight hitting each other with arms, fists and knees. They filled the earth with reverberating sounds.

34. Fighting with the Asura thus, for a long time, O excellent sage, Viṣṇu was surprised. He felt dejected in the heart.

35. Then he the foremost among the magic-wielders assumed a delightful aspect. He addressed the king of Asuras in a thundering voice.

Viṣṇu said:—

36. “O excellent Asura, you are blessed. You are invincible in war. Since you are a great lord you are not at all afraid of even great weapons.

37. Many Asuras have been killed by these very same weapons in great battles. The wicked and haughty people have been pierced through their bodies and killed.

38. O great Asura, I am delighted by this fight with you. You are really great. A hero like you has not been seen in the three worlds including the mobile and immobile beings.

39. O lord of Asuras, choose a boon. I am pleased at your valour. I shall give you anything even that which cannot be given, whatever is in your mind.

Sanatkumāra said:—

40. On hearing these words of Viṣṇu, skilled in magic, the intelligent king of the Asuras replied thus.

Jalandhara said:—

41. O Brother-in-law, if you are pleased give me this boon. You stay in my house with all your followers, my sister and myself.

Sanatkumāra said:—

42. On hearing these words of the great Asura, lord Viṣṇu, the lord of gods, said distressingly—“So be it.”

43. Then Viṣṇu came to the city called Jalandhara[1] along with his followers, the gods and Lakṣmī.

44. Then the Asura Jalandhara returned to his abode and stayed very delightedly in the company of his sister and Viṣṇu.

45. Thereafter Jalandhara appointed Asuras in the authoritative posts of the gods. Joyously he returned to the Earth.

46. The son of the ocean confiscated whatever gem or jewel the gods, Gandharvas or Siddhas had hoarded.

47. After appointing the powerful Asura, Niśumbha, in the nether-worlds, the powerful ruler of the Asuras brought Śeṣa and others to the Earth.

48. Making gods, Gandharvas, Siddhas, Serpents, Rākṣasas and human beings, the denizens of his capital, he ruled over the three worlds.

49. After making the gods thus subservient to himself, Jalandhara protected them all virtuously, like his own sons.

50. When he was ruling the kingdom virtuously, none in his realm was sick or miserable or lean and emaciated or indigent.

Footnotes and references:


The town of the Daitya Jalandhara can be identified with that of the same name in the East Punjab. It was the capital of Jālandhara Deśa in the Uttarāpatha. For details see the Kumārikākhaṇḍa of Skandapurāṇa.

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