Satapatha-brahmana [sanskrit]

147,532 words | ISBN-10: 812080113X | ISBN-13: 9788120801134

The Sanskrit text of the Satapatha-brahmana: One of the largest works in the category of Vedic (Brahmaic) literature, narrating in extensive detail the various rites, constructions, chants and utensils to be used in Hindu ceremonies. Alternative titles: Śatapathabrāhmaṇa (शतपथब्राह्मण), Śatapatha-brāhmaṇa (शतपथ-ब्राह्मण) Shatapathabrahma (shatapatha).

sapta te agne samidha iti prāṇā vai samidhaḥ prāṇā hyetaṃ samindhate sapta jihvā iti yānamūntsapta puruṣānekam puruṣamakurvaṃsteṣāmetadāha sapta ṛṣaya iti sapta hi ta ṛṣaya āsantsapta dhāma priyāṇīti candāṃsyetadāha candāṃsi asya sapta dhāma priyāṇi sapta hotrāḥ saptadhā tvā yajantīti sapta hyetaṃ hotrāḥ saptadhā yajanti sapta yoniriti citīretadāhāpṛṇasvetyā prajāyasvetyetadghrṛteneti reto vai ghṛtaṃ reta evaitadeṣu lokeṣu dadhāti svāheti yajño vai svāhākāro yajñiyamevaitadidaṃ sakṛtsarvaṃ karoti

Preview of English translation:

44. [He offers, with, Vajasaneyi Samhita XVII, 79], Thine, O Agni, are seven logs,'—logs mean vital airs, for the vital airs do kindle him;—“seven tongues,”—this he says with regard to those seven persons which they made into one person;—“seven Rishis,”—for seven Rishis they indeed were;—“seven beloved seats,”—this he says with regard to the metres, for his seven beloved seats are the metres;—“sevenfold the seven priests worship thee,”—for in a sevenfold way the seven priests indeed worship him;—“the seven homes,”—he thereby means the seven layers (of the altar);—“fill thou!”—that is, “generate thou;”—“with ghee,”—ghee means seed: he thus lays seed into these worlds;—“svaha!”—the svaha (hail!) is the sacrifice; he thus at once makes everything here fit for sacrifice.

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Other editions:

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Cover of edition (1882)

The Satapatha Brahmana (In Five Volumes)
by Julius Eggeling (1882)

2551 pages; [Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.]

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Cover of edition (2009)

The Satapatha Brahmana (3 volumes)
by Dr Jeet Ram Bhatt (2009)

Sanskrit Text with English Translation; 1726 pages; [Publisher: Eastern Book Linkers]; ISBN: 9788178541693

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Cover of edition (2002)

The Satapatha Brahmana (With The Commentary of Sayanacarya and Harisvamin)
by Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan (2002)

3483 pages; [शतपथ ब्राह्मणम्] According to the Madhyandina Recension; Commetaries: (1) Vedarthaprakash (Vedartha-prakasha) by Shrimat-Trayibhashyakar Sayanacharya, (2) Sarvavidyanidhana Kavindracharya Saraswati.

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Cover of edition (1993)

Studies in the Satapatha-Brahmana
by Dr. (Mrs.) Santi Banerjee (1993)

236 pages; [Publisher: Sanskrit Pustak Bhandar]

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Cover of edition (1982)

Cultural Study of the Satapatha Brahman (in Hindi)
by Dr. Urmila Devi Sharma (1982)

106 pages; Shatapatha Brahmana Ek Sanskritik Adhyan; [Publisher: Meharchand Lakshmandas Publications]

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