Sanatkumara Samhita

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The is is the english translation of the Sanatkumara Samhita. Sanatkumara in Sanskrit means “eternal youth”. Sage Sanatkumara was one of the Four Kumaras, the four Manasputras (mind-born-sons) or spiritual sons of Brahma. Sanatkumara is also the author of the Sanatkumara Samhita, which is part of the Shiva Purana, and has 59 chapters. Alternative ...

Sanskrit text and Unicode transliteration:

मद्-वनं प्राप्य यो मूढः पुनर् अन्यत्र गच्छति
स आत्म-हा महादेव सर्वथा नात्र संशयः

mad-vanaṃ prāpya yo mūḍhaḥ punar anyatra gacchati
sa ātma-hā mahādeva sarvathā nātra saṃśayaḥ

Word-for-word Sanskrit-English equivalents:

mad-vanam—My forest; prāpya—attaining; yaḥ—who; mūḍhaḥfool; punaḥ—again; anyatra—another place; gacchati—goes; sa—he; ātma- hā—the killer of the soul; mahādevaO Śiva; sarvathā—in all respects; na—not; atra—here; saṃśayaḥdoubt.

English translation of verse:

One who, after entering My forest, leaves and goes somewhere else is a great fool. O Śiva, it is as if he killed his own soul. Of this there is no doubt.

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