Samarangana-sutradhara (Summary)

by D. N. Shukla | 1960 | 15,592 words | ISBN-10: 8121506115 | ISBN-13: 9788121506113

This page describes The paints and the plasters and Brushes (Lepya-karma-adika) which is chapter 81 English summary of the Samarangana-Sutradhara by Bhoja. This work in Sanskrit representing a voluminous treatise on Vastu-Shastra (the science of Architecture), encompassing a broad range of subjects, such as Architecture, Shilpa-shastra (Iconography, Arts and Crafts) but also deals with Creation-theory, Geography, Philosophu, etc.

Chapter 81 - The paints and the plasters and Brushes (Lepya-karma-ādika)

[Note: This chapter corresponds to the chapter 73 of the original Samarāṅgaṇa-Sūtradhāra]

Lepya—the paints and the Lekhā, the Brushes—these are the two topics of this chapter. It opens with the process of collection of clay. The places from which the clay should be procured are enumerated. Then follow its colours having respective suitabilities for the respective castes. This is the general characteristic of these manuals. After this arc given the process of clearing it and grinding it into a levigated powder (kalka) after the liquids obtained from trees like Śālmalī, Māṣa, Kakubha etc. are also mixed with it along with the hair of horses or bullocks or the fibers of the coconut and the husks of corn. Other ingredients prescribed for the mixture are the equal quantity of sand to that of the clay and a certain amount of the cotton and Kṇḍiśarkarā, the powder of limestone. All these then are to be pressed through cloth to make it fit for the ointment to be painted by the Kūrcaka, the brush (1-11½).

Then follows the second topic—the brushes (cf 12-22½). The brushes according to this text are of five-fold variety, like Kūrcanaka, Hastakūrcaka, etc. Then follow the substances of which they are made and their various shapes also indicated (see details in Study proper). In the end are given the instructions regarding the use of these brushes along with their sticks.

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