Samarangana-sutradhara (Summary)

by D. N. Shukla | 1960 | 15,592 words | ISBN-10: 8121506115 | ISBN-13: 9788121506113

This page describes Iconography (Pratima-lakshana) which is chapter 73 English summary of the Samarangana-Sutradhara by Bhoja. This work in Sanskrit representing a voluminous treatise on Vastu-Shastra (the science of Architecture), encompassing a broad range of subjects, such as Architecture, Shilpa-shastra (Iconography, Arts and Crafts) but also deals with Creation-theory, Geography, Philosophu, etc.

Chapter 73 - Iconography (Pratimā-lakṣaṇa)

[Note: This chapter corresponds to Chapter 76 of the original Samarāṅgaṇa-Sūtradhāra]

Like the material of the Phallus, here in this chapter materials to be used in the images of the gods and goddesses in general are enumerated. They are seven—gold, silver, copper, stone, wood, lepya (clay-moulding) and citra and their respective virtues are extolled. Then follows the discipline to be undergone before undertaking this sacred task of image-making, keeping fast, offering oblations in the fire and practising japa and sleeping on ground, etc.

After this general introduction, the author now describes in detail the proportions of the image of a male figure beginning from eyes, ears, nose, chin, lips, forehead, cheeks, neck, chest, nevel [navel?], phallus, thighs, knees, feet fingers, nails, and ending into the hands and their fingers with their other component members. In the end are given the similar proportions of the limbs of the different parts of the female figures.

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