Samarangana-sutradhara (Summary)

by D. N. Shukla | 1960 | 15,592 words | ISBN-10: 8121506115 | ISBN-13: 9788121506113

This page describes Various details regard the Prasadas which is chapter 52-54 English summary of the Samarangana-Sutradhara by Bhoja. This work in Sanskrit representing a voluminous treatise on Vastu-Shastra (the science of Architecture), encompassing a broad range of subjects, such as Architecture, Shilpa-shastra (Iconography, Arts and Crafts) but also deals with Creation-theory, Geography, Philosophu, etc.

Chapter 52-54 - Various details regard the Prāsādas

[Note: This chapter corresponds to the following chapters of the original Samarāṅgaṇa-Sūtradhāra:

Chapter 52 (Prāsāda-dvāramāna-ādi) corresponds to Chapter 54,
Chapter 53 (Jaghanya-vāstu-dvāra) corresponds to Chapter 53,
Chapter 54 (Prāsāda-śubhāśubha-lakṣaṇa) corresponds to Chapter 50]

The first chapter deals with the different and manifold elements of the temple architecture along with the component parts of a temple, a detailed tabulation of all these will be found in the study proper.

The second chapter has the similar theme. It gives the proportionate measurements of the principal parts of a Nirandhāra Prāsāda having Jaghanya-Vāstu (Tirgāyata) more especially of the door.

The third chapter in this series enumerates structural merits and demerits of the Prāsāda a tabulation of which can be seen elsewhere.

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