Rig Veda (translation and commentary)

by H. H. Wilson | 1866 | 1,999,864 words | ISBN-10: 8171101380 | ISBN-13: 9788171101382

The Rig-Veda, English translation, including the commentary of Sayana and grammatical analysis. The hyms of the Rigveda Samhita represents some of the oldest and complex of Hindu Sanskrit literature. In ten books, these mantras form the core essence of rituals and ceremonies once widely performed throughout ancient India. This edition contains the...

Rig Veda 10.18.9

Sanskrit text [Accents, Plain, Transliterated]:

धनु॒र्हस्ता॑दा॒ददा॑नो मृ॒तस्या॒स्मे क्ष॒त्राय॒ वर्च॑से॒ बला॑य । अत्रै॒व त्वमि॒ह व॒यं सु॒वीरा॒ विश्वा॒: स्पृधो॑ अ॒भिमा॑तीर्जयेम ॥
धनुर्हस्तादाददानो मृतस्यास्मे क्षत्राय वर्चसे बलाय । अत्रैव त्वमिह वयं सुवीरा विश्वाः स्पृधो अभिमातीर्जयेम ॥
dhanur hastād ādadāno mṛtasyāsme kṣatrāya varcase balāya | atraiva tvam iha vayaṃ suvīrā viśvāḥ spṛdho abhimātīr jayema ||

English translation:

“Taking his bow from the hand of the dead man, for the sake of our vigour, energy and strength, (I say)you are there; may we (who are) here, blessed with male offspring, overcome all the enemies who assail us.”


Ṛṣi (sage/seer): saṅkusuko yāmāyanaḥ [saṅkusuka yāmāyana];
Devatā (deity/subject-matter): pitṛmedhaḥ;
Chandas (meter): nicṛttriṣṭup ;
Svara (tone/note): Swar;

Padapatha [Accents, Plain, Transliterated]:

धनुः॑ । हस्ता॑त् । आ॒ऽददा॑नः । मृ॒तस्य॑ । अ॒स्मे इति॑ । क्ष॒त्राय॑ । वर्च॑से । बला॑य । अत्र॑ । ए॒व । त्वम् । इ॒ह । व॒यम् । सु॒ऽवीराः॑ । विश्वाः॑ । स्पृधः॑ । अ॒भिऽमा॑तीः । ज॒ये॒म॒ ॥
धनुः । हस्तात् । आददानः । मृतस्य । अस्मे इति । क्षत्राय । वर्चसे । बलाय । अत्र । एव । त्वम् । इह । वयम् । सुवीराः । विश्वाः । स्पृधः । अभिमातीः । जयेम ॥
dhanuḥ | hastāt | ādadānaḥ | mṛtasya | asme iti | kṣatrāya | varcase | balāya | atra | eva | tvam | iha | vayam | su-vīrāḥ | viśvāḥ | spṛdhaḥ | abhi-mātīḥ | jayema

Multi-layer Annotation of the Ṛgveda

[Rigveda 10.18.9 English analysis of grammar]

dhanur < dhanuḥ < dhanus

[noun], accusative, singular, neuter

“bow; archery; dhanus [word].”

hastād < hastāt < hasta

[noun], ablative, singular, masculine

“hand; hand; proboscis; hasta [word]; autograph.”

ādadāno < ādadānaḥ < ādā < √dā

[verb noun], nominative, singular

“take; take away; take out; pick; extract; drink; grasp; put; collect; accept; get; choose; remove; steal; bring; press out; impound; keep; eat; use; distill.”

mṛtasyāsme < mṛtasya < mṛ

[verb noun], genitive, singular

“mṛ; die; disappear; go out.”

mṛtasyāsme < asme < mad

[noun], dative, plural

“I; mine.”

kṣatrāya < kṣatra

[noun], dative, singular, neuter

“Kshatriya; dominion; Kshatriya; kṣatra [word]; power.”

varcase < varcas

[noun], dative, singular, neuter

“shininess; vigor; fecal matter; glare; magnificence; energy; prestige; energy; glory; luster; light; varcas [word]; glory; body waste; droppings; color.”

balāya < bala

[noun], dative, singular, neuter

“strength; army; power; force; potency; vigor; Balarama; bala; violence; might; Shiva; bala [word]; myrrh; semen; reflex; bronze; influence; erection; potency; intensity.”

atraiva < atra


“now; there; then; then; there; here; here; in the following; alternatively; now.”

atraiva < eva


“indeed; merely; thus; even; surely; same; eva [word]; successively; immediately; in truth.”

tvam < tvad

[noun], nominative, singular




“here; now; in this world; now; below; there; here; just.”

vayaṃ < vayam < mad

[noun], nominative, plural

“I; mine.”

suvīrā < su


“very; well; good; nicely; beautiful; su; early; quite.”

suvīrā < vīrāḥ < vīra

[noun], nominative, plural, masculine

“hero; man; Vīra; vīra; vīra [word]; Vīra.”

viśvā < viśvāḥ < viśva

[noun], accusative, plural, feminine

“all(a); whole; complete; each(a); viśva [word]; completely; wholly.”

spṛdho < spṛdhaḥ < spṛdh

[noun], accusative, plural, feminine

“adversary; enemy; rival.”

abhimātīr < abhimātīḥ < abhimāti

[noun], accusative, plural, feminine

“aggression; hostility.”

jayema < ji

[verb], plural, Present optative

“overcome; cure; win; conquer; control; win; succeed; remove; beat; govern; surpass; suppress.”

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