Rig Veda (translation and commentary)

by H. H. Wilson | 1866 | 1,999,864 words | ISBN-10: 8171101380 | ISBN-13: 9788171101382

The Rig-Veda, English translation, including the commentary of Sayana and grammatical analysis. The hyms of the Rigveda Samhita represents some of the oldest and complex of Hindu Sanskrit literature. In ten books, these mantras form the core essence of rituals and ceremonies once widely performed throughout ancient India. This edition contains the...

Rig Veda 8.1.30

Sanskrit text [Accents, Plain, Transliterated]:

स्तु॒हि स्तु॒हीदे॒ते घा॑ ते॒ मंहि॑ष्ठासो म॒घोना॑म् । नि॒न्दि॒ताश्व॑: प्रप॒थी प॑रम॒ज्या म॒घस्य॑ मेध्यातिथे ॥
स्तुहि स्तुहीदेते घा ते मंहिष्ठासो मघोनाम् । निन्दिताश्वः प्रपथी परमज्या मघस्य मेध्यातिथे ॥
stuhi stuhīd ete ghā te maṃhiṣṭhāso maghonām | ninditāśvaḥ prapathī paramajyā maghasya medhyātithe ||

English translation:

“Praise (me), praise (me), Medhyātithi, for among the wealthy we are the most liberal donors of wealthto you; (praise me as one) who outstrips a horse in speed, follows the right path, and bears the best arms.”


Ṛṣi (sage/seer): āsaṅgaḥ plāyogiḥ [āsaṅga plāyogi];
Devatā (deity/subject-matter): āsaṃṅgasya dānastutiḥ ;
Chandas (meter): ārcībhurigbṛhatī ;
Svara (tone/note): Swar;

Padapatha [Accents, Plain, Transliterated]:

स्तु॒हि । स्तु॒हि । इत् । ए॒ते । घ॒ । ते॒ । मंहि॑ष्ठासः । म॒घोना॑म् । नि॒न्दि॒तऽअ॑श्वः । प्र॒ऽप॒थी । प॒र॒म॒ऽज्याः । म॒घस्य॑ । मे॒ध्य॒ऽअ॒ति॒थे॒ ॥
स्तुहि । स्तुहि । इत् । एते । घ । ते । मंहिष्ठासः । मघोनाम् । निन्दितअश्वः । प्रपथी । परमज्याः । मघस्य । मेध्यअतिथे ॥
stuhi | stuhi | it | ete | gha | te | maṃhiṣṭhāsaḥ | maghonām | nindita-aśvaḥ | pra-pathī | parama-jyāḥ | maghasya | medhya-atithe

Multi-layer Annotation of the Ṛgveda

[Rigveda 8.1.30 English analysis of grammar]

stuhi < stu

[verb], singular, Present imperative

“laud; praise; declare; stu.”

stuhīd < stuhi < stu

[verb], singular, Present imperative

“laud; praise; declare; stu.”

stuhīd < id


“indeed; assuredly; entirely.”

ete < etad

[noun], nominative, plural, masculine

“this; he,she,it (pers. pron.); etad [word].”

ghā < gha


te < tad

[noun], nominative, plural, masculine

“this; he,she,it (pers. pron.); respective(a); that; nominative; then; particular(a); genitive; instrumental; accusative; there; tad [word]; dative; once; same.”

maṃhiṣṭhāso < maṃhiṣṭhāsaḥ < maṃhiṣṭha

[noun], nominative, plural, masculine


maghonām < maghavan

[noun], genitive, plural, masculine


ninditāśvaḥ < ninditāśva

[noun], nominative, singular, masculine

prapathī < prapathin

[noun], nominative, singular, masculine

paramajyā < paramajyāḥ < paramajyā

[noun], nominative, singular, masculine

maghasya < magha

[noun], genitive, singular, masculine

“gift; wealth; reward; wages; reward.”

medhyātithe < medhyātithi

[noun], vocative, singular, masculine


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