Rig Veda (translation and commentary)

by H. H. Wilson | 1866 | 1,999,864 words | ISBN-10: 8171101380 | ISBN-13: 9788171101382

The Rig-Veda, English translation, including the commentary of Sayana and grammatical analysis. The hyms of the Rigveda Samhita represents some of the oldest and complex of Hindu Sanskrit literature. In ten books, these mantras form the core essence of rituals and ceremonies once widely performed throughout ancient India. This edition contains the...

Disclaimer: These are translations of Sanskrit texts and are not necessarily approved by everyone associated with the traditions connected to these texts. Consult the source and original scripture in case of doubt.

Rig Veda 6.49.11

Sanskrit text [Accents, Plain, Transliterated]:

आ यु॑वानः कवयो यज्ञियासो॒ मरु॑तो ग॒न्त गृ॑ण॒तो व॑र॒स्याम् । अ॒चि॒त्रं चि॒द्धि जिन्व॑था वृ॒धन्त॑ इ॒त्था नक्ष॑न्तो नरो अङ्गिर॒स्वत् ॥
आ युवानः कवयो यज्ञियासो मरुतो गन्त गृणतो वरस्याम् । अचित्रं चिद्धि जिन्वथा वृधन्त इत्था नक्षन्तो नरो अङ्गिरस्वत् ॥
ā yuvānaḥ kavayo yajñiyāso maruto ganta gṛṇato varasyām | acitraṃ cid dhi jinvathā vṛdhanta itthā nakṣanto naro aṅgirasvat ||

English translation:

“Ever youthful wise, and adorable Maruts, come to the praise of your adorer; thus augmenting, leaders (of rites), and spreading (through the firmament), like rays (of light), refresh the scanty woods (with rain).”

Commentary by Sāyaṇa: Ṛgveda-bhāṣya

Like rays of light: nakṣanto aṅgirasvat = aṅgirasaḥ gamanaśīlāraśmayaḥ, rays endowed with motions; te yatha śīghram nabhastalam vyāpnuvanti tad vat, as they spread quickly through the sky, so) do the winds; or, if aṅgirasa is a reference to a ṛṣi, the property of rapid movement is assigned to the ṛṣis: yad va ṛṣayastad vacchīghragāminaḥ


Ṛṣi (sage/seer): ṛjiśvāḥ;
Devatā (deity/subject-matter): viśvedevā:;
Chandas (meter): triṣṭup ;
Svara (tone/note): Swar;

Padapatha [Accents, Plain, Transliterated]:

आ । यु॒वा॒नः॒ । क॒व॒यः॒ । य॒ज्ञि॒या॒सः॒ । मरु॑तः । ग॒न्त । गृ॒ण॒तः । व॒र॒स्याम् । अ॒चि॒त्रम् । चि॒त् । हि । जिन्व॑थ । वृ॒धन्तः॑ । इ॒त्था । नक्ष॑न्तः । न॒रः॒ । अ॒ङ्गि॒र॒स्वत् ॥
आ । युवानः । कवयः । यज्ञियासः । मरुतः । गन्त । गृणतः । वरस्याम् । अचित्रम् । चित् । हि । जिन्वथ । वृधन्तः । इत्था । नक्षन्तः । नरः । अङ्गिरस्वत् ॥
ā | yuvānaḥ | kavayaḥ | yajñiyāsaḥ | marutaḥ | ganta | gṛṇataḥ | varasyām | ac itram | cit | hi | jinvatha | vṛdhantaḥ | itthā | nakṣantaḥ | naraḥ | aṅgirasvat

Multi-layer Annotation of the Ṛgveda

[Rigveda 6.49.11 English analysis of grammar]



“towards; ākāra; until; ā; since; according to; ā [suffix].”

yuvānaḥ < yuvan

[noun], vocative, plural, masculine

“young; youthful.”

kavayo < kavayaḥ < kavi

[noun], vocative, plural, masculine

“poet; wise man; bard; Venus; Uśanas; kavi [word]; Kavi; prophet; guru; Brahma.”

yajñiyāso < yajñiyāsaḥ < yajñiya

[noun], vocative, plural, masculine

“sacrificial; divine; devoted.”

maruto < marutaḥ < marut

[noun], vocative, plural, masculine

“Marut; vāta; wind; Vayu.”

ganta < gam

[verb], plural, Aorist imperative

“go; situate; enter (a state); travel; disappear; [in]; elapse; leave; reach; vanish; love; walk; approach; issue; hop on; gasify; get; come; die; drain; spread; transform; happen; discharge; ride; to be located; run; detect; refer; go; shall; drive.”

gṛṇato < gṛṇataḥ < gṛ

[verb noun], genitive, singular


varasyām < varasyā

[noun], accusative, singular, feminine

acitraṃ < acitram < acitra

[noun], accusative, singular, neuter

ciddhi < cit


“even; indeed.”

ciddhi < hi


“because; indeed; for; therefore; hi [word].”

jinvathā < jinvatha < jinv

[verb], plural, Present indikative

“enliven; animate.”

vṛdhanta < vṛdhantaḥ < vṛdh

[verb noun], nominative, plural

“increase; grow; vṛdh; increase; succeed; strengthen; grow up; spread.”



“thus; here.”

nakṣanto < nakṣantaḥ < nakṣ

[verb noun], nominative, plural

“reach; approach.”

naro < naraḥ < nṛ

[noun], vocative, plural, masculine

“man; man; nṛ [word]; crew; masculine.”



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