Rig Veda (translation and commentary)

by H. H. Wilson | 1866 | 1,999,864 words | ISBN-10: 8171101380 | ISBN-13: 9788171101382

The Rig-Veda, English translation, including the commentary of Sayana and grammatical analysis. The hyms of the Rigveda Samhita represents some of the oldest and complex of Hindu Sanskrit literature. In ten books, these mantras form the core essence of rituals and ceremonies once widely performed throughout ancient India. This edition contains the...

Rig Veda 6.16.12

Sanskrit text [Accents, Plain, Transliterated]:

स न॑: पृ॒थु श्र॒वाय्य॒मच्छा॑ देव विवाससि । बृ॒हद॑ग्ने सु॒वीर्य॑म् ॥
स नः पृथु श्रवाय्यमच्छा देव विवाससि । बृहदग्ने सुवीर्यम् ॥
sa naḥ pṛthu śravāyyam acchā deva vivāsasi | bṛhad agne suvīryam ||

English translation:

“Divine Agni, bestow upon us (wealth), excellent, great and (comprehending) worthy male descendants.”

Commentary by Sāyaṇa: Ṛgveda-bhāṣya

Suvīra = suvīrya, male descendants


Ṛṣi (sage/seer): bharadvājo bārhaspatyaḥ [bharadvāja bārhaspatya];
Devatā (deity/subject-matter): agniḥ ;
Chandas (meter): sāmnītriṣṭup ;
Svara (tone/note): Swar;

Padapatha [Accents, Plain, Transliterated]:

सः । नः॒ । पृ॒थु । श्र॒वाय्य॑म् । अच्छ॑ । दे॒व॒ । वि॒वा॒स॒सि॒ । बृ॒हत् । अ॒ग्ने॒ । सु॒ऽवीर्य॑म् ॥
सः । नः । पृथु । श्रवाय्यम् । अच्छ । देव । विवाससि । बृहत् । अग्ने । सुवीर्यम् ॥
saḥ | naḥ | pṛthu | śravāyyam | accha | deva | vivāsasi | bṛhat | agne | su-vīryam

Multi-layer Annotation of the Ṛgveda

[Rigveda 6.16.12 English analysis of grammar]

sa < tad

[noun], nominative, singular, masculine

“this; he,she,it (pers. pron.); respective(a); that; nominative; then; particular(a); genitive; instrumental; accusative; there; tad [word]; dative; once; same.”

naḥ < mad

[noun], dative, plural

“I; mine.”


[noun], accusative, singular, neuter

“broad; wide; great; flat; pṛthu [word]; far.”

śravāyyam < śravāyya

[noun], accusative, singular, neuter




“towards; accha [prefix].”


[noun], vocative, singular, masculine

“Deva; Hindu deity; king; deity; Indra; deva [word]; God; Jina; Viśvedevās; mercury; natural phenomenon; gambling.”

vivāsasi < vivās < √van

[verb], singular, Present indikative

“invite; endeavor; try for.”

bṛhad < bṛhat

[noun], accusative, singular, neuter

“large; great; loud; high; much(a); exalted; abundant; intensive; strong; huge.”

agne < agni

[noun], vocative, singular, masculine

“fire; Agni; sacrificial fire; digestion; cautery; Plumbago zeylanica; fire; vahni; agni [word]; agnikarman; gold; three; jāraṇa; pyre; fireplace; heating.”

suvīryam < su


“very; well; good; nicely; beautiful; su; early; quite.”

suvīryam < vīryam < vīrya

[noun], accusative, singular, neuter

“potency; vīrya; heroism; potency; strength; semen; power; deed; active agent; efficacy; vīryapāramitā; gold; vigor; vīrya [word]; virility; manfulness; jewel; force.”

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