Rasa Jala Nidhi, vol 4: Iatrochemistry

by Bhudeb Mookerjee | 1938 | 52,258 words | ISBN-10: 8170305829 | ISBN-13: 9788170305828

This fourth volume of the Rasa-jala-nidhi deals with Rasa-chikitsa-vidya, also known a the science of Iatrchemistry (chemical medicine), a major branch of Ayurveda. It contains Ayurvedic treatments for Fever and Diarrhea. The Rasa-jala-nidhi (“the ocean of Iatrochemistry, or, chemical medicine) is a compendium of Sanskrit verses dealing with ancie...

Part 38 - Treatment for indigestion (36): Dvitiya-kravyada rasa

Eight tolas of purified sulphur are to be melted, in an iron pot, and mixed with four tolas of mercury, and one tola, each, of copper and iron. The mixed substance is then to be thrown upon some leaves of eranda and then powdered. This is then to be kept in an iron cauldron, and heated, with two hundred and fifty-six tolas of lemon juice by means of a mild fire. When dried up, the medicine is again to be powdered and subjected to bhavana, for fifty times each, with the decoctions of pancha-kola, and amla-betasa. The compound is then to bo mixed with an equal quantity of borax, vira salt, half in quantity of borax, and maricha, equal in quantity to all the ingredients stated above. It is then to be subjected to bhavana, for seven times, with a solution of an alchali (alkali?) prepared from the chanaka plant. When dried up, the medicine is to be powdered and kept for use. Twelve raktis of tins medicine, taken with a little of salt and sour butter-milk, serve to digest a sufficient quantity of meat or other heavy food. This medicine increases the digesting heat enormously, and e??es mucus, obesity, toximia, piles, colic, gulma, enlargement of spleen, grahani, constipation, swelling of glands due to vayu, and all sorts of udara-roga, however malignant.


Rasasastra category This concludes ‘Dvitiya-kravyada rasa’ included in Bhudeb Mookerjee’s Rasa Jala Nidhi, vol 4: Iatrochemistry. The text includes treatments, recipes and remedies and is categorised as Rasa Shastra: an important branch of Ayurveda that specialises in medicinal/ herbal chemistry, alchemy and mineralogy, for the purpose of prolonging and preserving life.