Rasa Jala Nidhi, vol 2: Minerals (uparasa)

by Bhudeb Mookerjee | 1938 | 28,803 words | ISBN-10: 8170305829 | ISBN-13: 9788170305828

This second volume of the Rasa-jala-nidhi deals with the purification, incineration and medicinal uses of various minerals (uparasa), as well as preventing faults due to misuse. It is continued in the third volume which deals with the various metals. The Rasa-jala-nidhi (“the ocean of Iatrochemistry, or, chemical medicine) is a compendium of Sansk...

Use of essence of haritala.

In vatarakta of an obstinate type, essence of haritala is to be used in doses of one grain of rice in weight, the diet being much of chanaka grams and clarified butter. Fourteen days of use result in the cure of the disease and the complexion of the skin becoming very clear.

Dietary prescriptions when taking Haritala.

One who takes haritala should avoid altogether salt, sours, pungents, and exposure to heat of fire and sun. The man who is unable to avoid salt altogether may take a little of rock salt. Sweets are beneficial to the person who takes haritala.

Evils of using haritala, not properly purified

first scenario.

Haritala, not properly purified, shortens life and gives rise to an abnormal excess of phlegm, air, spermatorrhoea, gonorrhoea, inflammation, boils, and contraction of the limbs. It should therefore be purified very carefully.

second scenario.

The haritala which is not purified and which is not properly incinerated gives rise to the following ailments, if taken internally:—loss of beauty, inflammation, spasm, excess of phlegm and air, and leprosy.

Removal of evil effects of wrongly using haritala

First method.

Removal of evil effects due to taking of impure haritala is effected by taking, for three days, jira, mixed with sugar.

Second method.

The evil effects of taking haritala are removed by taking the juice of one of these three, viz., javasa, kushmanda, and rajahansa.


Rasasastra category This concludes ‘Using haritala’ included in Bhudeb Mookerjee Rasa Jala Nidhi, vol 2: Initiation, Mercury and Laboratory. The text includes treatments, recipes and remedies and is categorised as Rasa Shastra: an important branch of Ayurveda that specialises in medicinal/ herbal chemistry, alchemy and mineralogy, for the purpose of prolonging and preserving life.

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