Rasa Jala Nidhi, vol 1: Initiation, Mercury and Laboratory

by Bhudeb Mookerjee | 1938 | 67,774 words | ISBN-10: 8170305829 | ISBN-13: 9788170305828

This first volume of the Rasa-jala-nidhi includes preliminary information on Alchemy including initiation of a discpiple, laboratory setup, mercurial operations and commonly used technical terms. The Rasa-jala-nidhi (“the ocean of Iatrochemistry, or, chemical medicine) is a compendium of Sanskrit verses dealing with ancient Indian alchemy and chem...

Part 2 - A Kalini wife

That wife is called Kalini whose hair, is curled; whose body is warm in winter, and comfortably cold in summer; who has a complexion as bright as heated gold; whose eyes are like lotus flowers; who is beautiful, young, and has a well-cut physique; whose thighs are wide; who is possessed of all good qualities; who has breasts so well-developed as to give her stature a slight stoop; whose kiss, embrace and touch are soft; whose voice is very mild; whose genital organ is so developed as to give it the configuration of an Asvatha leaf, and who commences her menstruation during the period when the moon is on the wane. Such a lady is powerful, and is capable of success in metallurgical operations. She is efficient in preparing mercurial compounds, in the application of mercury to patients, and in the preparation of medicines for the prevention of premature old age and diseases. In case, such a wife is not available, any beautiful lady may serve the purpose, if she is required for three weeks only, to take every morning one tola of purified sulphur, mixed with clarified butter.[1]

Footnotes and references:


This dose was prescribed more than 5000 years ago. The present day human beings can stand only one fourth to half of the dose prescribed in those days.


Rasasastra category This concludes ‘A Kalini wife’ included in Bhudeb Mookerjee Rasa Jala Nidhi, vol 1: Initiation, Mercury and Laboratory. The text includes treatments, recipes and remedies and is categorised as Rasa Shastra: an important branch of Ayurveda that specialises in medicinal/ herbal chemistry, alchemy and mineralogy, for the purpose of prolonging and preserving life.

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