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Verse 4.7

स यथा सोभ्य वयांसि वसोवृक्शं संप्रतिष्ठन्ते ।
एवं ह वै तत् सर्वं पर आत्मनि संप्रतिष्ठते ॥ ७ ॥

sa yathā sobhya vayāṃsi vasovṛkśaṃ saṃpratiṣṭhante |
evaṃ ha vai tat sarvaṃ para ātmani saṃpratiṣṭhate || 7 ||

7. Just as, good youth I birds go towards the tree intended for their abode, so, all this goes to the supreme Âtman.



Shankara’s Commentary:

Com.—Then at this time, all the effects and instruments depending on ignorance, desire and karma become quiet. When they are quieted, the entity of the Âtman, misunderstood on account of its conditions, becomes one without a second, free from trouble and calm. To indicate this condition by the entering into the Âtman of the earth and other objects, produced by ignorance, the Sruti offers an illustration. This is the illustration. In the same manner, good-looking youth! that birds go to the tree intended for their abode; so, as in the illustration, all that will be said hereafter becomes absorbed into the supreme and undecaying Âtman.

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