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Verse 2.5

एषोऽग्निस्तपत्येष सूर्य एष पर्जन्यो मघवानेष वायुरेष पृथिवी रयिर्देवः सदसच्चामृतं च यत् ॥ ५ ॥

eṣo'gnistapatyeṣa sūrya eṣa parjanyo maghavāneṣa vāyureṣa pṛthivī rayirdevaḥ sadasaccāmṛtaṃ ca yat || 5 ||

5. As fire, this burns; this, sun; this, cloud; this, Indra; this, wind; this, earth; moon, Dêva and what has form, what is formless and what is immortal nectar.


Shankara’s Commentary:

Com.—How? This Prâna being fire, burns or flames; so this being sun, shines; so this being cloud, rains. Again this being Indra, protects the creatures and destroys, Asuras and Râkshasas. This is wind in its different forms, âvaha, pravâha, etc. Again this is Dêva, earth (supporter of all) and moon (nourisher of all). This is all that has form and all that is formless. This is also amrita which is the stay of all Dêvâs. In short,

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