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Verse 2.1

अथ हैनं भार्गवो वैदर्भिः पप्रच्छ । भगवन्कत्येव देवाः प्रचां विधारयन्ते कतर एतत्प्रकशयन्ते कः पुनरेषां वरिष्ठ इति ॥ १ ॥

atha hainaṃ bhārgavo vaidarbhiḥ papraccha | bhagavankatyeva devāḥ pracāṃ vidhārayante katara etatprakaśayante kaḥ punareṣāṃ variṣṭha iti || 1 ||

1. Next Bhârgava of Vidarbha questioned him ‘Oh Bhagavan! How many Dêvâs support the creature? Which of them enlighten that? Who again is of all of them, the greatest.’


Shankara’s Commentary:

Com.—It has been said that prâna is the eater, the lord of creation. This question is begun for the purpose of determining how he is such lord and eater in this body. Next Bhârgava of Vidarbha questioned him, Oh Bhagavan! how many Dêvâs (senses) mainly support the creature, i.e., the body? Which, among the senses divided into intellectual and active, manifest their glory outside. Who again of these is the greatest, i.e., the most important of these which are in the nature of cause and effect.

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