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Verse 1.7

स एष वैश्वानरो विश्वरुपः प्राणोऽग्निरुदयते । तदेतदृचाभ्युक्तम् ॥ ७ ॥

sa eṣa vaiśvānaro viśvarupaḥ prāṇo'gnirudayate | tadetadṛcābhyuktam || 7 ||

7. This is he, the totality of all living beings, assuming every form, life and fire, (who) rises (every day). This is told by the Rik.



Shankara’s Commentary:

Com.—This is he, the eater, life, the âtman of all, Assuming all forms, being the âtman of the universe, prana and fire. This is the eater, who rises every day making all cardinal points his own. This, now explained, has also been told by the mantra also.

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