by Hermann Oldenberg | 1886 | 27,910 words

The Grihya-sutra of Paraskara, which belongs to the White Yajurveda and forms an appendix to Katyayana's Shrauta-sutra, has been edited, with a German translation. Alternative titles: Pāraskara-gṛhya-sūtra (पारस्कर-गृह्य-सूत्र), Grhya, Pāraskaragṛhyasūtra (पारस्करगृह्यसूत्र), Paraskaragrihyasutra, Paraskaragrhyasutra....

Adhyāya I, Kaṇḍikā 13

1[1]. If she does not conceive, he should, after having fasted, under (the Nakṣatra) Puṣya, lay down (in his house) the root of a white-blooming Siṃhī plant, and on the fourth day, after (his wife) has bathed, he should in the night-time crush it in water and insert it into her right nostril with (the verse), 'This herb is protecting, overcoming, and powerful. May I, the son of this great (mother), obtain the name of a father!'

Footnotes and references:


13, 1. I have translated according to the reading of a similar Mantra found in the Atharva-veda (VIII, 2, 6), which no doubt is correct, sahasvatī instead of sarasvatī.

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